Is it worthwhile employing an interior designer?
June 29, 2013
My husband and I are about to start our home renovations, I am not sure if I should budget for and employ an interior designer?
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Absolutely. You'll be glad you did and may actually save you in the long run with costly mistakes. Plus, the happy factor when it's complete will be worth it. I think even people with design skills (pros) can benefit from another pro. Two heads are better than one and less stressful for you in the decision making process. Have fun!
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well - 1. how much time do you have to take on the entire project yourself ?
2. how much do you know about decor and colour matching ?
3. is there spare budget in the kitty for if you muck it up and need to redo something ?
if the answer to any of those questions is 'a little ' then consider hiring help...
if the answer is 'a lot ' then don't !
if it's a mix - then maybe contact a designer for the bits you are not sure about ?!
( yes I'm a designer - but more of a space planner than a colours / drapes etc expert - so I would consider myself unbiased ?! )
hope that helps !!
kind regards ,
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Karin Madgwick
Definitely employ a designer. This will put together a total plan for your renovation from the plan through to furniture placement and size, colours, art placement, window furnishings etc. You might think that you can manage this but the designer will think of things that you would never dream of and these ideas are what pull the whole project together. They also know all of the rules that apply to electrical, plumbing and local council requirements
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hahahaha cookingupastorm !! I thought it was just us pros that noticed that sort of thing !!!
yes it's always nice to get a paying project - but most of us are on here as we are just passionate about what we do - and we like to help people !!
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just to add - in the pro to pro discussions - most agree that giving away too much for free devalues what we do for a living - so that's why most will only help to a point - everything we do for free is taking away a possible job for someone else in our trade - so it's a fine line to tread ! I hope you all can see both sides to this !!
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For what ? Is this to help with designing the space, walls, architectural features, functional elements, etc? Or to help decorate when the renovations are done? Will you be moving walls or mostly changing colors and fabrics? If the former, consider hiring an architect too
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Recently I had to do a renovation of my bathroom because of an extensive mold infestation. Since I knew exactly what I wanted I decided to coordinate it myself. It was a much bigger headache than I anticipated and took way longer than I thought it would because I didn't know what problems to anticipate and because I wasn't experienced at coordinating contractors. I still had to hire a designer to source some tile because the tile stores open to the public around here didn't stock what I needed.

We're redoing the master bedroom next and I'm planning to hire a designer.
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Absolutely! We, designers are there from the start to finish of a project. Not only do designers help with the planning process but we are there to meet with the contractors, help with custom furniture, selects, custom wall coverings and window treatments and so forth. One thing all of my clients realize and something I tell them is that I want their space to feel different and special, I do not want their home or space to feel like a cookie cutter or like their neighbors home. While working on the project designers will also work with your budget to achieve the over all look of the space.

I hope this inspires you to hire a designer on your new project. Good Luck! Matt
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