How do I make rustic into clean and modern?
July 2, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi. We are excited about the new home we just purchased- we have had many houses, and are hoping that this is our " forever" home. We take possession in one month, and I am trying to do some quick renos before we move in. Our furniture and taste is quite modern, with clean and simple lines. What would you do to make this space feel a little bit less rustic?
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I assume this is not your furniture. I see three things that could change to make it modern. One is the rock on the fireplace, even though it is quite nice, it doesn't feel modern. The second thing would be to get really great modern doors. And the third is to change the railings.
July 2, 2013 at 10:21pm   
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Thanks! The rocks definitely do not feel modern, do they? They were recently added by the present owner, so I feel really bad removing them right away, Is it possible to integrate them somehow?
July 2, 2013 at 10:24pm     
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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
I hope you will follow thru with that train of thought with an experienced fireplace professional. Unless they are faux rocks, there is a lot of work & expense put into this fireplace.
Changing the mantel & hearth would be a place to start with ideas for a more modern look.

There is also the train of thought that one should live in a new house for a few months to get the feel of it before making any major changes.
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Kevin Retired Decorator
The front doors, the railings would be two things to make more modern. Of course the fireplace as stated. But you might be surprised by trying the fireplace as is and using all modern furnishings and modern accessories on the fireplace and mix a bit of rustic around the room in the way of branches and nature inspired decor too. You would have a rustic modern look, which is what I have in my home. I love it. I agree I would change out the mantel to a simple clean line look. You might be able to build over the one there.
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Thanks Kevin.....hmmm rustic modern could be kind of fun! That would be economical and push our style boundaries a bit, worth a try! Sounds like everyone agrees the doors and railings should be swapped out! Sharon, the fireplace is actually faux rock, it took me 4 visits to the home to figure that out- not sure as to how much it costs to build such a fireplace. You are right, we usually make better design decisions when we get to know the home and how we use it.....anyone have color ideas?
July 2, 2013 at 11:22pm     
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Kevin Retired Decorator
I see a modern room with a rock fireplace. So going modern casual with a rustic feel I think may work great. You ask about colors are you starting from scratch ? or do you have present things of color you will bring into the room ?
Some greens could play off the modern natural look quite well. Avocado greens, Golds and Aquas are all popular colors now and I love those colors do you ? Once your in the home it's best to decide on color with the homes lighting. It would be nice to see the home with what you own in the room to go further with ideas. If your buying sofas, etc I would only buy a sofa or largest piece then wait till your in but know your measurements 1st. It appears they have a loveseat and two chairs now and the room feels full. So for a sofa I would look for a small arm style. If you need to buy one. One great thing is the paint color is neutral and you have wood floors. Removing the plaid curtains and your ready to go for a while till you get the feel of days & nites with lighting. .
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I'd leave the FP alone for now; that's a big ticket item. Replace the front doors and the ceiling fan, for sure. Different paint colors (I don't want to presume your tastes) and window treatments. On the latter, definitely something with clean lines. Have fun!
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The quick fix is to paint the room and start with a blank slate, literally, by painting it white. Or, you could choose a grey/taupe that pulls some color from the faux stones. Treat the doors as either French antiques or pop art until you are ready for replacement. Treat the fireplace as the craft of a local aritsan. Although it is a lovely green on the walls now, it screams mountain lodge and this is not the look you desire.
July 3, 2013 at 1:22am      Thanked by skru33
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The fireplace is without doubt the focal point of the room. I think you have to figure out whether you like it enough to live with it because you'll be designing everything else around it. I do agree with everyone else about the doors, railings and fan.
July 3, 2013 at 2:00am      Thanked by skru33
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