Need help on these single pane arched wood windows
July 4, 2013
These are single pane windows in living area and there is view to mountains.Due to Single pane there is huge loss of energy. Converting to double pane is very costly. While retaining the look of its architectural style and keeping in mind not to block the view. Any suggestions?
what and if there is anyway to install something to install something outside these windows. As there is is no house overlooking to our house.
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Very beautiful. I think I'd convert to double pane. Yes, you could have draw drapes, or blinds or have storm windows, or (ugly) plastic, but these solutions are not really cheap (except for the ugly plastic) and will not really fit the bill.. Can you afford one window a year?
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Thank you so much. I appreciate. Since its Very pricey converting to double pane. Are there any solutions available that can be installed outside? Any ideas?
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Custom storm windows is all I am aware of.
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amydutton Home
I agree that while costly, so are good drapes. So i would recommend the "one window a year" idea. If you do decide to go with drapes, here are some ideas to make it a) look right and b) not cut out your view.
1) hang the rod over the arch. Not covering the arch not only looks weird but doesn't solve your issue of efficiency.
2) the drapes should stack cleanly all to one side or in between the windows so that you don't interrupt view.
3) line the drapes with insulated fabric.
4) match the wall with the color of the drapes so that it is a clean look when closed & open- there will be a lot of it.

Maybe as a cost saver, look at using drop cloths & lining them.
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Progressive Solutions / Renaissance Bronze Windows
You could look into putting window film on the glass. It would help to improve the window efficiency and would not be as expensive as insulated glass (double pane).
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Thankyou all for valuable inputs.
Window width is 70 inch. I am told that for drapes when stacked, they need at least 14 inch (width divide by 5 rule) on each side, which will actually block the view by more than a foot on each side of window!!! So, i am again back to square one.
Regarding window film, wouldnt that put some opacity to the view?
Does anyone know if there is anything like outside install thing while still keeping the original window as it is?
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Progressive Solutions / Renaissance Bronze Windows
Window film is similar to putting tint on your vehicle windows. The view is not changed, it's just slightly darker. Similar to below image.
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Sure. Thank you so much.
All helping folks-
I hope I have not run out of option of outside install double pane or storm windows while keeping existing single pane wooden windows structure?
Do we know?
Thanks again.
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As it's understandable you want to preserve the view, maybe consider enclosing the outside porch with big paned glass, or the like. (Maybe even a slidable version.) That would allow the sun to actually come through for warmth and also insulate in the winter. For the summer, if you're losing a/c, consider a tint for sure.
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Window World of Colorado
Double pane windows/low-e will help make a huge difference. I usually don't promote my bizz on here but I know we do have some of the most reasonable prices in the country, nationwide. Also have you thought about energy audits? I'm not sure what state you are located but if xcel is your energy provider they can get you set up with one, and they can give you really helpful suggestions.
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A low-E window film like will make your single pane windows perform like double pane at a fraction of the cost. Here is an image of the Enerlogic 70 film installed on a clients home. Minimal change in appearance, maximum year-round efficiency without replacing your windows.
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