what color to paint exterior of house

archie2020July 6, 2013
Just got anew roof which is Spanish s style. The front of my house is faded brick. I want to paint all the trim as well as the shutters and garage door. Not sure what color will go with the roof and the brick. I have primed all white for now. The rest of the house is white stucco which I want to paint one day too.
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It's a big step, but have you thought of painting your brick? You could match it up to the stucco and then do a mossy green on the shutters.
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You have many choices that would look great. I like the look of dark slate blue or deep sage gray with brick. Just be sure to do every speck of trim on your trim color - don't leave even a sliver white. Your house will look fabulous! Actually, it already looks beautiful! Love the faded brick with Spanish tile roof, beautiful!

I'd strongly discourage painting your gorgeous brick. The colors are so soft, faded and easy to live with. You'll lose all that texture and interest if you make the bricks just straight paint. (I do agree with painting brick when it is an ugly color but this is one of the most beautiful bricks I've seen.)
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I would definitely have the walkway work with the beautiful roof (from sienna tones to tans or even some ochre). That would help draw the eye to those beautiful roof tiles. Then grab your color wheel or paint samples to work from the existing colors you want to KEEP. Use those for your doors, shutters and other trim (and don't forget accent colors tied from walk and roof). Only after that would I consider painting the brick (color choice), if at all. If you carry out your planning correctly it should fall into place with fewer headaches! Good Luck!
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Elaine P
Don't paint the brick, you don't want to deal with the paint peeling and repainting it every few years. It looks good now. One thing to factor in is the color of the flowers in the yard, blue or white flowers would look good with the clay color roof tiles.
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Landscape Design West, LLC
I like what you have here, and you are very close! Yes, I agree with the comment above, DO NOT paint the brick. It will be more time and expense in the long run. Much of your color choice for the trim is your personal taste. I see that there is already green in several areas. Have you thought about trying a shade of green that is darker and has more black in it? By this I mean a darker color with only a hint of green to be a bit more neutral and darker. A terracotta color would be lovely on the path to tie back to the roof. Good luck, post photos!
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Matilda Bos Design Studio
Hi Archie....I love your house, please don't paint the brick. The color for all the trim, shutters, and garage door
would look wonderful in BM Coventry Gray. When you can, stain the walkway a dark color similar to the driveway
and have it scored to look more like pavers, the other more expensive option would be to remove the walkway
and lay stepping stones in large squares with grass in between. The back of the house with the beautiful pool would look good in a lighter gray, same hue as Coventry just a bit lighter.
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