king Bed Drama

jess leJuly 6, 2013
Just got a king bed for the first time and the options for choices are not that good because nothing fits!! My bed is 80 inches long 78 inches wide with 16 inches dept of exposed mattress. Nothing I get fit s and I've tried different things!! Help!!!

My bedroom is grey accent wall with beige sides with cherry wood furniture. Picture to follow soon
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jess le
Here are the pictures
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A common mistake with king size bedding is to mix up the length vs the width in the top bedding, such as bedspreads or comforters. The longest side of the bedding goes ACROSS the width of the bed. My mother-in-law always made up her guest king wrong, and it ended up looking like yours. (I can't tell with the blue & brown spread if there is a brown stripe across the top of the bed hidden from view, and if there isn't then maybe this isn't your problem.) You also have a big drop with a 16 inch thick mattress, so you will have to search for sheet sets and perhaps bedspreads that are made for that drop.

There are also two different king sizes - one called a regular or Eastern King (I think this is your size), and one called a California or Western King. The bedding is not interchangeable. I have a California King and there is never enough fabric in a spread (comforter) to tuck in the top or tuck around pillows. I assume that is because the pillows are encased in shams. When placed in the correct direction, my comforters can be slightly tucked into the footboard, and barely reach to the top of the mattress, with a fairly generous drop over each side of the bed. Try turning yours and see if it works.
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jess le
Thanks for this advice.. love the bed.. hate this process..
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Did turning the spreads in the other direction solve your problem?
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jess le
Couldn't try bc I took these back. The blue one doesn't have a stripe at top think u were right about western king and finding one that is deep
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Where are the pillows for your bed? Usually you get matching pillow shams and the pillows "fill in" the space between the top of the comforter and the headboard.
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Just thought of something else - I have seen spreads (comforters) that say QUEEN/KING on the package, and I assume they make them a little bigger than a Queen but a little smaller that a King. I would never buy them, so I didn't pay attention to the actual measurements on the package.

Measure across your bed, from the point where you want the drop to end on both sides, and also measure from the top to the bottom of your mattress and add about six inches. Then you will have the approx size you are looking for.
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Nancy Walton
Bed-in-a-bag type sets are always too small. Unfortunately, you have to pay good money for the generous ones. Although sheets have kept up with the thicker mattresses, coverings haven't caught up for the most part.
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We had the same problem when we first got our kingsize bed. It is 15" deep and I finally got sheets to fit when I bought the 18-20" deep sheets.
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