paving stones
July 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
hoe to brighten up dulling paving stones to give them a wet look
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dalma darling
Here's a great resource on how to clean your pavers:

Once you clean them, you could choose to seal them as well.
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I am in the middle of doing the same thing to my pavers. I am just waiting for a stretch of dry weather. As my luck would have it, there is a chance of rain ( in Phoenix) for the next 10 plus days! Ugh.
Anyway, I have cleaned them and washed them. They must dry completely, meaning at least 2 days, after washing them. Then allow for another 2 days dry time. Apply a sealer in warm, dry conditions. Why all the dryness? Once sealed, if they had not dried properly, the moisture will attempt to surface and leave a milky film.
So prep properly before. I will be applying a product called "Color Boost". In the sample I tried, it looks like it will be a matte finish with revived color. Here's hopin'.
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Oh, another tid bit...
You mentioned you wanted a wet look. I would avoid that type of sealer. It doesn't wear well and sooner than you'll want to you'll have to strip it (no fun) start over. Been there, done that. Penetrating , matte sealer will serve you best.
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