Need help with living room please!

wheatiegoldJuly 8, 2013
Moving into a new place without any furniture. So carte blanc has me stupified. Any help or suggestions for this long narrow living room with a den off the side would be appreciated.
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What do you like:? Modern? Contemporary? Traditional? Mediterranean? French provencial? I am an artist and I can definitely help you with wall decor, but the designers will need to know more about your tastes to help you out!
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Thank you for your response. I just found out I am getting a ton of furniture..once I have it, I will be back with this room. In the meantime. I have another room with 9x12 hardwood floor. I bought an off whtie leather love seat for this room which is off my kitchen. I was thinking of purchasing this chair to go with it, but am stumped as to what other chair would match it. I am not sure how much this would limit me. I have a red and cream area rug or an orange and cream that could be used. I would like this room to be warm, cozy, fun and comfortable gathering place.. I thought about a swivel fun zebra chair too, but am afraid I would get tired of that and not be able to match another chair with it. Any ideas what other type chair would match either one of these chairs. The lettered chair is a recliner...good for reading :-) Thank you!
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are those fabric swatches on the carpet options to upholster the (or a) chair with? And is that your carpet? If so, from the options there, I like the bottom right one the best. It has the colour of the rug in it and the other options are too swirly with the swirly pattern of the rug.
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Thank you Carolins...yes they are swatches I picked out for the chair. But my mind was buzzing by the time I got done and think I just confused myself more. Yes that is my carpet, which makes it so hard for me to pick something. Not that I have to use it.
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If you like the idea of a mad zebra chair, but are a bit afraid to get one, you can always get zebra pillows to be on the 'safe' side. Although, if you absolutely love a particular pattern you probably won't have to worry about getting tired of it any time soon.

Cushion Cover, Zebra · More Info

Contemporary Safari Zebra Giclee Apothecary Clear Glass Table Lamp · More Info

(don't mean that you should get everything 'zebra', just to give you a couple of other possibilities on the zebra-front ;-))
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I would have never thought about zebra but the sofa i bought was orederd by someone else, along with a swivel zebra chair and they looked so cute together. The order was cancelled so I got the sofa at a great price. I wanted to lighten up my room, but make it functional as well. These zebra extras would be an adorable , instead of idea, but then I am back to not knowing what to get for my chair that would match. I guess I would stick to a neutral , no pattern for the chair?
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Just before I'm off to bed (I'm in Europe), one question to get things absolutely clear: are you getting the lettered chair and you're looking for a fabric for a second chairt?
In which case I'd go for a solid coloured one. So the lettered one stands out nicely. Neutral colour would be fine, but you could also think about another colour. As long as you introduce that colour and the colour of the rug somewhere else in the room too. Pillows, lamp shade, art... those items could be great for that.

In fact, the same goes for the other scenario. If you're thinking about. for example. he striped fabric from the swatches, to upholster the lettered chair with. That fabric has so many colours in it, that you could pick any colour from that for another chair. Although I wouldn't go for a red chair.

If you're getting the lettered chair, I wouldn't go for a zebra one to go with it. If you're not getting the lettered one, zebra would be very funky. Again, a second chair in a solid colour then.

Sorry if all that sounds confusing. I'm quite tired ;-)
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These are all wonderful ideas! Thank you so much! I will look at them all in detail later on this evening! thank you and good night!
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HI -- Keep all the major furniture pieces in neutral plain tones but maybe some textured fabrics so they will stand the test of time. You don't want to do anything funky that is going to be expensive to replace when you tire of it or want to redecorate. Add the interest with the smaller items like the accessories and pillows or footstools or ottomans and lamps and so on. It's like having a canvas then adding your colors on top . Much more stylish ! From the pictures you showed looks like you like traditional with a bit of modern -- so you are "transitional "in style . I am not a fan of rolled arms -- maybe look at furniture with more square tailored features . Rolled arm furniture tends to fill up a room too much . If you do want to have an animal print chair or two -- make sure it's a chair that doesn't have too much fabric on it ,or a style that can be recovered easily when you want a change . If you shop higher end furniture stores , they may have an in - house designer to help you put things together properly.
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Thank you Lefty47..what you said makes perfect sense. I believe you are correct and I would tire of a funky chair. I will try and find a neutral textured fabrics to blend. I love the ideas you both said to accessoize with funky..I think I will go that way. Thanks!
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