Need design ideas for my entryway

bona88July 10, 2013
My front door opens directly only my living room so I have put a table and mirror (and little else) against the wall. I'm stuck for ideas!
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The mirror looks lonely. Do you have other things you can hang on the wall with the mirror? Can you move the patterned rug closer to the table or put it in front of the door and under the table? Also, it looks like a boot tray under the table would be handy. That way the shoes would be out of the way.
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CDR Design
I agree with all of the comments that tives made. However, I really would need to see a photo of the room before I could make more comments.

My immediate thought is that, you would be better off with a large, narrow, tall piece where you could place shoes, coats, etc.

If you just want to change what you have there: the mirror is too small and the the glass items are getting lost.
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You're lucky to have that entry space -- a lot of homes that open right into a living space don't. Definitely make the most of it!

The table that you have is not bad, it's just not very functional. I think I would go more this direction ... functional cabinet with doors for shoe storage and a larger mirror that stands on it's own.

showhouse · More Info
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Catherine Henne
One or 2 small ottomans that open up under the table would work, giving you more storage. You need some height on the table either two vases with flowers on either side of the mirror or a rectangular mirror instead, with smaller flowers arrangements. Also, a decorative tray to drop keys, phone in the center work. I would put a boot/shoe tray under the window on the right. And you need a larger entry rug, in a neutral color. I really like table and the larger rug in the area.
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Carly at Mochi Home
I have the same problem in my condo - with the door just opening right into the room. I think you just need to keep going with what you've started here and try to make this look even more defined as an entry nook. Here are some ideas:

It actually seems like that table is almost in the way. What if you turned it against the other wall? That would open up a more functional area for the shoes - with a boot try as suggested above. Then, you can add a couple of hooks above the shoe tray to catch umbrellas or totes. It may sound cluttered, but I found that 1 or 2 intentionally hung coats made my entryway feel more like an entry way. The hooks with coats helped act as a buffer around the door.

Just throw in some art with that mirror. Make a litte gallery wall vignette. 2 small frames plus the mirror. If you like the roundness, how about a clock?

Defined Space:
I agree that some rug action might help. Instead of a wimpy little mat in front of the door, how about a larger rug that covers the whole entry area? I did this in my entry using Flor tiles in Fedora. It was pretty cheap and the Flor tiles are very low profile so they work well for high traffic areas. Also, you can build a rug to the exact area you need. It's also a great way to add some color! Another way to define your little corner is with plants and lighting. Try a tall floor plant and add a lamp for drama lighting around it.

Definitely do a search here on Houzz for "entryways"

Here's the first one I saw and I there are some good elements even in this one:
Jennifer Grey · More Info

Good luck!
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I found these and thought you might like to see some visual ideas. A plant and a lighting source will perk up your entryway.


San Francisco Pacific Heights Residence · More Info

Contemporary Dining Room · More Info

Washington Park Tower Condo · More Info
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I think adding a full length mirror instead of the small round one would open up the room visually. Then I would add a bench under your table, this would be handy for putting on shoes and would also give you a place to sit if you wanted to use the table for a desk and for extra seating in your livingroom. ( Two threads on this dilemma )
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This was what I did in mine. Take from it what you like. My door is to the right. That stand is not to the right of the curio and it is less cluttered but just want you to see some more parts of the room.
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Hi all,

Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions.. Yes I agree it doesn't feel right so thought I would get some other perspective..

I will add some extra photos to give context of the entire space..

And yes, My post seems to have been uploaded twice.
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CDR Design
Thank you. Please also list your needs: do you need a place for shoes (I guess that is obvious). Do you need a place to hang coats, etc?
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