I'm about to DIE of boredom in this living room
July 12, 2013
I need help in our sitting room. This is basically the social center of our house because its right off the kitchen. There isn't very much room to work with and i don't particularly care for the arrangement I have going on now. More importantly I hate the current state of the huge wall with windows. Don't get me wrong, i love the two story ceiling, but it's way beyond my creative palate and I've just avoided even trying to do anything with it. As you can see I'm defiantly not doing this space any justice at the moment.

Any ideas you're willing to throw my way would be much appreciated.
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Schuh~Less Flooring and Remodeling, LLC
My opinion is all it would need is soom pizzaz!! I just painted my my new favorite color from sherwin Williams called "Tigereye". It is a burnt orange color that has pizazz!! It would make the white trim around the window just pop!! Simple and cheap and would be a great place to start. On the color swatch it looks a little out there but with all that natural light would be a great color
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A few more photos of the space would be helpful. What exactly do you want to improve....window treatments, paint selection, furnishings, accessories?? Since they all play in the same space, we need a better look at your room before making suggestions.
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Amy Wax
It would be helpful to have an idea of what part of the room you would like to improve. If you want to create a dramatic room you can certainly add a dynamic color to the wall (s). If you want to add a whole color scheme to all the elements in the room than I can help you with some color inspiration. I created an app called Color911. ( find out more about it at Color911.com) You can create your own palette of colors OR take/find a photo of something that inspires you and pull the colors from it.. or what I think would be a big help to you is to look at the pre-made color themes. Within the app are many pre-made color themes that are colors that all look beautifully together. You can choose any number of colors within a theme and use the colors for everything from wall color to curtain color to accent pillows to furniture or a rug.. you name it. If you find a theme that inspires you it can be great fun to shop for your room when you have the theme to use as your guide. I attached a screen shot of one of the themes in the app. There are many of them and everyone is very different. This is just a sample. I hope this inspires you!
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To add interest to a room, you need color, pattern, textures, shapes, and objects. Your room has good bones and nice windows but the bland white walls and flimsy-looking white curtains are doing nothing for you. An easy way for a beginner to choose a color scheme is to find an inspiration piece - ideally a print fabric, decorative throw pillow, or maybe a piece of decorated pottery or a picture or painting. Pull your background color (70% of area), coordinating color (20-25%) and accent (5-10%). E.g. taupe, eggplant, bittersweet orange, or Venetian Glass, white, black. Then start upholstering and making curtains. Rugs, lamps and art can fill in. Lighting, seating groups, and storage are also important.

Your large, impressive window really has got to have properly made custom curtains. Nothing off the shelf is going to look right. Either make them yourself or get a pro in to measure and fabricate.
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Whispar Design
I agree without other photos it's hard to get an overall feel but I am assuming those windows are a major focal point in the space. If you plan on keeping the blinds or changing to shades for privacy/light control, one option you may consider is using accent cornice units in between the windows to soften the wall similar to this.

The cornice's do have rods inside so you wouldn't need the existing rod. As soberg mentioned, have the drapes custom made or if you can sew, pick your fabric, sew a rod pocket and properly hem them just off the floor.
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You need a bit of colour for your curtains and some blinds too I have found fabric that i really love on here the only problem is that it can only be bought by a designer ,the company is Opuzen and here is what the fabric looks like I think that this one would look fabulous on your windows.

Living room
Silhouette® window shadings with UltraGlide®
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Nico's Kitchens
Hey Kelly, its that dreaded ceiling fan that's dragging the room down! If you still want to stick to the white colors I would go for low hanging bulbs to add a better ambiance/atmosphere. As for the entertainment side, adding interesting objects can add some real character to the room, like: potplants, jukeboxes, a nice wooden TV unit. All depends on your budget :) - hope this helped.
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Amy Wax
I would go ahead with find your color direction.. there is so much that is available these days once you have your color direction!
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