This foursquare needs help!!
July 14, 2013
I could never figure out what kind of house our beloved "box" was until I found photos on houzz of American Foursquares. But ours has a tucked in porch that makes the front flat. What can we do to make it less of a box?
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I would add a white pergola to add depth to your porch. Window awnings in a country-club green with a white strip.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
A house or commercial building which has no ground floor projection (overhang, portico, porch) tends to look austere and not inviting. The taller the building the more imposing it looks. Maybe opening that center section of porch wall and adding steps up is a solution. This would also present the opportunity to add a new path from the curb to the front door. Instead of a straight line for the new foot path include a curve or a turn.
Second thought too; between the two second story windows, add a lattice section for some added detail. This lattice can be painted to match the shutters and styled to imitate the glass window panes on the first floor.
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I completely agree with the lack of projection leading to a lack of warmth! I had never thought of just bringing out part of the porch. I have hesitated to create a winding path until I could figure out where to lead it to, since the glass vestible has a side door that leads to the front door. I had thought of either trying to extend the porch and add a projection or to add another step down to a courtyard projection but thought the roof line would be too steep and look weird. Thanks for your thoughts!
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Since there is a door (I'm guessing it's on the driveway side of the house) which opens into the glass enclosed solarium/vestibule and leads to the main entrance, you could add a low terrace on the driveway side of the house. This could bump out in front of the vestibule. But I think you'll get more of what you want if you work in the center section of the porch. A door might be added from the porch side of the vestibule. The foot path in either case should not be a straight line from the curb to the entry. By creating a pad or median point with plantings and a post light the path will add architectural interest too.
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