Living room update. What do you think? Any suggestions?
clarebear68July 14, 2013
We recently bought this house and have been gradually updating. We just painted all walls and refaced the fireplace. We are still working on the mantle which will be a distressed, dark stained 6x6 or 6x8. The furniture items that are non-negotiable are couches and tv cabinet and the TV and couches have to stay where they are at. We will be doing the flooring in a plank tile with a wheat color. Just feel like it needs to be a little more refined. I would love suggestions and will post changes I make. Kitchen is on the list to redo, but not in budget, right now.
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Nice bright room and fireplace! I would maybe start by removing some items. The wall to the left of the fireplace is too busy and the chair placement is awkward. I am feeling like the scale of the clock is not great for that space. A rectangular piece of art might work better. The mirror placed part way under the arch would be better anchored over a small table or chest rather than in the middle of an arch. I would consider mounting the TV to the wall and moving the cabinet somewhere else. More later have to think about this one.
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I agree about the wall too left of fireplace being too busy. I am trying to talk my husband into moving the London pic. We took a trip there recently and he loves the reminder. I can move the cabinet in the living room under the mirror, but I need something next to the couch.
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Personally, I'd want the TV on the wall where window glare would be minimized (left of the FP) but you must not have cable connections there. Would be well worth the investment to have the flexibility. I'm not a fan of the commercially available clocks as decor. If it isn't a "real" clock that winds up, chimes and has a beautiful finish, I'd forgo it. What is being reflected (doubled) by the round mirror? They should reflect something beautiful or interesting like a view or a chandelier. It is also misplaced under the arch, but I can't see anything you'd want to be reflected, unless there is a view out the back. In that case you might try it above the new mantel. The zebra rug is not in the right place and may be too small to serve the purpose of grounding and tying together the seating pieces, but it is completely divorced from them and pushed against the hearth. Pull it around so the front feet of the two sofas are on the long edge of it. You have lots of potential here but are not taking best advantage of the space. Post new pix when you get the flooring in, and it may look a lot different.
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TV and cabinet are both staying. I love cabinet and like placement.
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Clarebear68... like the placement of mirror over chest is an improvement but ideally the mirror would have something a little bigger under it. Also, curious as to how high is the mirror? The center of the mirror should be around 60" from the floor. Your mirror looks a little high.
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The mirror is 58" from the floor.
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Different cabinet...
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Much better choice. Actually, the "rule" to follow in this case is "can everyone in the household see themselves without bending or tip-toeing."
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Removed some items, moved rug, goin to match pic on sides of TV. I need a different ottoman (glass top one is temp).
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What about switching the cabinets around. The one that the tv is on, would that fit under the mirror? And would the one under the mirror hold the tv? That wall is smaller and maybe a smaller cabinet would make it less congested. I too thought the clock over the mantle was too big until I read that the mantle surround isn't done yet. Once you have that, it will balance it out. Would the smallest cabinet (originally to the left of your fireplace), work next to your couch by the kitchen as an end table but place the back of the cabinet up against the end of the couch. Then maybe you wouldn't need the round table and the ottoman. And also, maybe try pulling the rug under the furniture more, like angled, instead of directly in front of the fireplace? You have nice pieces!!
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I like ems2409's idea of putting the mirror with the larger cabinet, but then the mirror would probably be up against the arch. The right spot for the two of them might be centered on that end wall left of the FP where they'd provide the proper balance and scale you need there. They certainly seem to be a good color match.
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Penny Stanley
Try Beefing up the mantle to 8" thick or so and run it wall to wall and match the front of the hearth step doing both in a darker wood finish. This would create a line and continuity on that wall and make the fireplace the focal point of the room. Create an artwork grouping in different sized frames sitting on the mantle and keep the side walls uncluttered. Maybe move the the clock to the left wall. It's a tad large for the fireplace. Good luck. It's a super nice room!
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JudyG Designs
Place you largest piece of furniture first. Face the sofa to the fireplace. (Pull the rug back a few inches from the hearth).

Remove everything (for now) from the walls.
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I like Penny's idea of a beefier and darker mantle that spans the entire width of the brick/stone. Short-undersized mantles just looks weird to me. The room is looking great so far.
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