My house is split down the middle. White trim in old part; cherry tri

Anne PesacretaJuly 15, 2013
We added onto our house to accommodate my mother-in-law. Our original house is dated with cherry paneling and white trim. The new part of the house was designed to complement the cherry paneling, but was designed with cherry baseboards and trim. The disparity in the trim has been working on my nerves, and we are currently trying to marry the two a bit better. help!
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Not sure I am seeing the problem you see.

Some houses have paneling paired with white trim and it looks beautiful.
Lake Champlain Vermont · More Info

Some beautiful houses have white baseboards in some parts of the house and stained baseboards in other room.See the photos of this house.
Project: Country Home in Butler, Maryland - Interior Design by Johnson Berman · See Project

I do not like the brass electrical plates. I would remove. For the paneling, brown electrical outlets & switch plates might look better on the paneling in kitchen & elsewhere (check Amazon etc)
Queen Anne Residence 04 · More Info
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Stanton Designs-online design services
Painting the trim is always an option. But if not, a good way to combine them is too, for example, for your entry, you have a white table instead of wood. You could hang a picture in a white frame. Try to bring white to your wood areas, and some wood to your white areas.
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Kathryn Tegreene Interior Design
I hate to sound like a wood hater, but, I would paint it white if I were you. A crisp white coat of paint will give your trim a fresh clean look. Be careful though. Painting it is easy, but removing paint is a real big job. You might start with one room first. Be sure you clean the wood, sand, prime and use a good quality paint.
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I love the wood entry!!! Do you notice there are three main colors (wall color, floor color, wood trim) with an accent color on the art above the door. You could use more of that accent color and it would be fine.

I think what frustrates you in the kitchen is that there are so many colors. Black windows and appliances, stainless steel fridge, white cabinets, lighter butcher block, cherry paneling, and beige floors. When I encounter this problem I try to find a way to pair down the colors the most practically. (budget is often the limiting factor for most folks)

For example. Once I painted the aluminum frame of huge sliding glass doors with spray paint and the whole room was calmed down and transformed. Another project "problem was the exterior of a tri-level house. It had brown trim and garage doors, part flat roof with a territorial red brick top trim and part raised roof that was a beige hue, and light yellowish stucco. Too many colors for sure!!! I painted the trim and garage doors the same color as the beige roof. The color complemented the light yellowish stucco. The house looked much cleaner and amazing. The brick border on the flat roof popped as a beautiful accent instead of looking cluttery competing with too many colors and textures.
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Try the green accent color on the trim in the old house at and around the transition and panelling - it will look vintage and green is enough of a neutral that it should work with all your decor. See how nice the pocket door surround and trim look next to the cherry panelling?

Carry that through the first floor of the old area to see a vintage but updated connected result. Particularly in the back hall - paint all the doors that dark green, and all the white trim elements around the cherry that are left the same green. In the kitchen, paint the white door in the kitchen dark green and the trim around it too - all the baseboard.

Leave the white cabinets for now because that is a big job to plan for - they are too white white - they can't look vintage because old white is much darker than what you have. Also, craftsman like your new area would require different door front styles too. Ideally, you might like to change these out for a bit of something classic that could be painted in a shop and then changed out - shaker doors should be available inexpensively that could be ordered to size.

Even going to a creamier white wouldn't do what I would - I'd take them to the golden yellow color I see on a wall in the new space or to a lighter standard kitchen green.

In the new space, the room that takes off looks pale gold. That would be the perfect solution for your kitchen cabinets and the white walls in this original space. Something in the dijon family / pale amber / sunlight.
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or you could paint the trim next to the golden yellow and matching color. You can go one shade darker or lighter than the wall color. Or use the same color with a higher gloss sheen than the walls. It would also tie into the floor tile.
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Oh my! My wall looks dingy grey is this photo. I promise it a much nicer green. Not dingy grey at all. Point is this office had dark green walls and white trim and wood doors to the closet. Now it has Ralph Lauren suede walls, semi gloss trim in the same color and black accents (mostly photo frames and computer). It feels more at peace with no conflicts of competing white trim, wood doors, and wall color. An antique oak desk is happy in this room and is the centerpiece not the stand out white trim that use to be. I love white trim ....when it works.
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Gantt's Decorating
Looks simple enough to me. Paint your woodwork the same color as the walls in the new part, which looks very nice: I would paint anything that is not paneled the same as the new or a color that harmonizes with it. Ho[e this helped.Bill
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Anne Pesacreta
We are putting natural Hickory wood floors in the old part of the house to replace carpeting, and I have an opportunity to possibly splurge and replace my white-painted base boards with natural wood base boards. However, This would be the beginning of a major undertaking, and the house would look like it was in transition for a few years until I was able to get all the white trim out. I'm considering just foregoing the new baseboards and keeping the existing white trim...with a hickory shoe base or quarter round.
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I would not change all of the baseboards and be in transition for "a few years". I'd go with the white baseboards and quarter round stained the same as the floors. I have a new house with wood floors. The baseboards are white and the quarter round next to the flooring is stained the same as floors. I think it looks nice (a decorator suggested). Here's a visual:
Lorraine Vale · More Info
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Anne Pesacreta
You are right. It does look nice with the white baseboards and the wood floors, but that is probably one whole house that is designed that way. My house is split down the middle, with the old half designed with white trim and the new house designed with wood trim. I'm just trying to create some continuity between the old and the new, so the flow is better....but I like he white trim and the wood floors. Thank you :)
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I liked libradesigns idea of painting the white baseboards, trim and doors that wonderful green. As libra said the green looks great with the paneling and wood baseboards. What color green is that paint? I love it.

The green trim would look lovely in every room, I think...even in the kitchen:
Carriage House · More Info
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Wooden doors but white trim?
Classic Kitchen · More Info

Hill Country Contemporary · More Info

Front Entry · More Info

Summer Lake House · More Info
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Green trim might bring coherence too, but I doubt it will add a modern feel..
Maybe you'll like the whole Summer Lake House look?
Summer Lake House · More Info

Summer Lake House · More Info
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