How to keep kitchen retro theme with this booth?
July 18, 2013
We are moving into our new house in a couple of weeks. We want to keep the booth but what colors should we do the walls and floor? I was thinking black and white checkerboard for the floor and white or pale yellow for the walls. The cabinets are white and the center aisle/stove top is carpeted which I am going to take off.
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I'm thinking a vintage buttercream color on the walls if you go with a black and white floor. Fun!
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This could be very cool! Ditch the window valance, wallpaper, and ceiling/fan/light fixtures. White or pale yellow would work or a very pale green or blue could also work. You might want to paint the booth and table legs chrome. Above the booth is an excellent area for artwork or shelves w/ memorabelia.
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Given how much brown you have in the room, I would consider going brown and white or brown and the off white color of your cabinets as the checkerboard rather than black and white. Think either a yellow or coral/orange would work well as a wall color.
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MAJ Interiors
I love the banquet seating, it's really retro and fun. Retro design can be very fun, but you need to be careful. I don't think you actually want to go back in time, but rather have a space with a retro feel that is still contemporary. My recommendation would be to install a light grey and white checkerboard floor pattern. Paint the walls grey and add some accent colour through artwork and accessories. Instead of yellow, I would go for orange, they complement each other a little better than yellow and blue.
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anne dee
black white tiles on the diagonal
Case Design and Remodeling of San Jose
turq w turq walls
Eclectic Kitchen
painted cabinets to go retro
storage niche at banquette corner(note creamy yellow wall color)
EJ Sooley House, Heart's Delight Newfoundland
inspiration pics for a retro look.
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Kitchen Bath Trends
I agree with MAJ Interiors!
You don't want to go back in time. A black and white checkered flooring is something that you may enjoy for now, but it is a style that is bold, hard to pull off, and can be viewed as outdated. Having the gray and white checkered floor is a little more subtle, but will still work with the retro theme in a modern way.

For the walls I would use a light gray also. Instead of using another color in the accessories I would paint a unique design or a stripe. Just like the image below, if you used yellow for the stripe I think it would be perfect for the retro theme and bring in the color in an exciting way. Having the whole wall a pale yellow with the checkered floor and the blue booth will be too many bold statements going on at once. Balancing a loud piece such as the booth with a subtle neutral colored wall and a fun pop of yellow with a stripe is the right way to capture the retro theme but with a modern twist to keep the kitchen from feeling outdated.

Hope this helps,
Kitchen Bath Trends
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I love the palette others are suggesting of the gray and white floor (and possibly walls) with your adorable turquoise booth. I would add turquoise in a few more places (probably not too much, however) and would use a small amount of coral as accents as it always looks so great with turquoise. But again not too much--just accents. I grew up in a 1950's/60's kitchen with all turquoise appliances and have simply massive nostalgia for them!
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Thank you so much everyone! I do want more of a retro contemporary look since the rest of the house is all open flowing room to room. I love the gray and white floor idea with a color accent in either the walls or accessories...I will post pics when we get it completed. Thanks again!
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How about covering the table with new Formica with a metal edge? You could go plain or modern -- or go subtly retro with a white/pale "gray cracked" ice pattern, or white with turquoise and black "boomerang" outlines. I'll try to post some examples below.
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Some ideas here:

P.S. What is up with that carpeted island?!?! :)
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Retro appliances would do it for me!

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I would like to redo the table top...the brown just says outdated. The carpeted island matches the carpeted floor and carpeted side of the cabinet. I can't wait to get my hands on it...
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Omg who puts carpet on the island. Yes remove wherever it is. For table see if you can find the old 1950s gray and white Formica table with chrome around edge and legs. Would be perfect. Black and white checker board would give you that "Happy Days" look. Walls a very soft dove gray. I would do trim incl door in white. For pictures on wall look for vintage, soda fountain type look. It's very cute. Good luck.
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This is a pretty cool project for a bit of a different take

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I am also a big fan of this recent kitchen of the week with wood, white and yellow retro accents. You could swap yellow for turquoise.

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If it's possible, I would paint the table. Perhaps in a gloss white. I would certainly remove the carpet on the island and the wall. I would paint the wall the same gray as the other walls and the island I would paint either the same gray if you wanted to keep it more neutral, or you could go with the teal of the banquette if you wanted to go bolder. I think orange would work well as an accent color to consider for art and for window treatments. I would get rid of the wood valances and window treatments over the sink and look for a roman shade that had some of the teal and orange or other accent color you choose.
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