Need help adding curb appeal to our mid century modern house
July 19, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We are thinking about adding a patio and expanding the porch. Any ideas?? Thanks and can't wait to hear your thoughts!!
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Which doorway do you use as the main entry? Are you looking for a private patio or just an attractive view from the street?
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The side door is the most used door. If it is possible to have privacy and curb appeal , we'd like both :) but curb appeal is a bigger desire.
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I would fence off a patio area directly in front of the front facing door, ending a couple of feet before the end of the L, with the perpendicular wall running at the gutter. Natural wood, spaced in a horizontal pattern. Street number on the fence. Seamless gate facing the driveway, with a walking path repositioned to where the plant bed is now. I assume you want to continue using the side door, so make an L shaped stone path to it and have large stepping stones to the gate, which would be closed for the most part. Place a bush between the driveway and the path, low hedges beneath the window at the end of the L, and a rectangular planter styled like the fence under the side entrance window. The rest should be lawn- maybe a small tree near the driveway entrance.
For the patio itself, I kind of see planters and seating wrapped along the walls to the doorway, incorporated somehow into the steps leading straight out to the patio. I'd probably do the steps and seating in bluestone with an eye toward adding on to make a more formal entry down the road, which would include steps leading to both a walkway to the street, and a formal path to the driveway. The patio ground would be pea stone or pavers to ease that adaptation as well.
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I love the shape of your home and the windows. I would paint the trim dark charcoal and add a real wood door. I would add a low wide wood porch w/o railing. And I would be prone to adding grasses in the beds instead of bushes.
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Brickln, I love your idea!! Do you have any picture ideas? I'm such a visual person
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OK I'm going to try this.

My Houzz: A Mid-Century Marvel Revived in Long Beach
West Seattle

Wrap around patio stairs/seating:
Mid century House

Planter styles and potential plant life:
Mid-century Re-modern
Portland Mid-Century Modern

Not the best way to get the whole picture, sorry, but it's a feel for some of the elements.

This thread has some good curb appeal ideas:

Just search mid century landscape in houzz and you'll get some ideas.
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Brinkin, thank you so much for the pictures and ideas! I love the stairs idea and thread!!
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How about a large entry patio with nice paving and a low wall in front, with a clear entrance and path to the front door? I think brick matching the house with a concrete cap, perhaps with sections low enough you can sit on would be nice, and add a bit of privacy. I think brickin is suggesting that too, but a more elaborate version. I like her examples. I would make it even or slightly offset from the projecting wall.

Gabions (rock filled sturdy wire boxes) can be an affordable alternative to stone or masonry walls. Better to fabricate your own than to buy them. Fencing is possible, but not as private, and I've seen some nice privacy screens with horizontal lathe, or 50's style openwork concrete block. If you go masonry, be sure to have adequate footings. Hedges might be another alternative.

Most towns have a 4 ft height restriction for fences and walls in the front yard.
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Here are some in the paved patio with wall category. I think something like the Kikuchi & Associates Landscape could work for you, along with a nice front door and reworking the porch, or at least a more substintial porch post, maybe even sort of mid-century sculptural.

Spring Creek Residence
La Grange Park Residence
Kikuchi & Associates Landscape Architecture
East Jefferson Residence
Christensen Remodeling
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AspenFalls custom design and landscape
I would suggest a finding a local Landscape Design company with skilled designers who will take the time to listen to your wants and needs and come up with a design that you never even imagined possible. A design usually runs in the area of $300-$450.
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