laundry room has nowhere to fold and then hang things
jlotz5July 20, 2013
have no folding station and a shakey rack to hang items, helpppp
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I have no clothes dryer. I use wooden drying racks as shown in the first photo. They get placed all over the house on laundry day! Wherever the winter heater or summer fan blows, and/or in a sunny window. I get the drying racks at thrift stores or Goodwill.

I installed a closet rod above the space where the washer/dryer hookup is located. I hang as many items as possible on plastic hangers. Plastic hangers are available by the hundreds for 40 cents a pound at the Goodwill Clearance in my City. Might be worth a check to see what your city has...

The second photo shows a drying rack that I would like to have over my bathtub area.

I bring one rack of dry items at a time to the washing machine area and fold everything on top of the washing machine. Sometimes I need to make several trips to deliver folded items before the rack is completely empty, especially for big things like bath towels.

I hope you are feeling more encouraged...
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I don't have a table either so I use the top of the dryer to fold laundry ,for drying rack I have a metal one that extends ,during the summer I like to hang the laundry outdoor on the line , lately I have been using the dryer a lot and the rack for things that are not suitable for driers .I t would be nice to have a folding table but I have no room for one and unless you have a washer that is a front load you cannot install a shelf above it to use as a folding table .

This would be ideal

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