October 13, 2011 in Design Dilemma
We are at a loss with this 1980's white washed stair railing. I really don't know what to do. I have kids heading to college soon so I do NOT want to spend thousands, so a replacement probably won't happen. The biggest dilemma is the size of the handrail, and that the Balusters connect to the side of the handrail, and not underneath. Option one is to sand and stain dark... gonna be a LOT of work sanding... Option two is one I wish I could find an answer to... I was wondering if they made iron balusters that connect to the sides of the hand railing as mine do? If so I would take all of my balusters off , stain the newells and hand railing a dark stain, then attatch the iron ballusters....I have looked all over and cant seem to find any ballusters like this...

As you can see, I do not have a shoe rail... so this adds to my dilemma

Does anyone have any suggestions???
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You could have iron ballusters made by a local metalworker for your staircase...
...but if you're not looking to spend alot of time or money, perhaps a simple coat of paint is your best bet?
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Peruse the "staircase" filter on the Houzz homepage for ideas. I don't know your style but perhaps you can get some ideas there.
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Not sure if this is cheaper...add the wooden "face to the outside where the baulsters are visible and top with a ledge for rail and wider ledge at landing then box in the post and top painted in a soft white.
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Thank You Hilltop, Face Mount balusters is the term I needed, and doing a google has provided my wife what she is really looking to do. So my next question... the wood Balusters are screwed in with 3 screws, then covered with a button that was sanded flush... what is the easiest way to drill through the wood to get to the screws to remove the balusters?

Thanks a million
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Mona Ives
If you are moving out soon, I'd just paint them a new color. Iron ballusters or different ballusters will cost you major cash in materials plus labor.
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ARTACO Railing Systems
ARTACO Railing Systems offer many attractive and affordable railing and staircase solutions that will add value to your home:
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I'm going to suggest a different approach because I think your whitewashed wood stair railings could look great in the right surroundings. Here's a search of "whitewashed wood" photos on houzz for some inspiration on how to decorate with whitewashed wood so that you don't feel it looks dated:
I'm suggesting this mostly because on a different discussion thread the other day so many people were suggesting whitewashed wood as a solution to brighten a room with wood panelling. It made me look at some photos of rooms with bleached and whitewashed wood, and I thought some of them were quite beautiful.
A few favorites:
Dining Room | Sarah Richardson Design
lowcountry river house
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Corinne Madias
YES whitewash is very current.You are undoing what everyone is doing.Please search whitewash and driftwood in houzz. The rails arent the problem its everything else. If you like modern you could switch out rails for glass. The rails you have look very well done/finished,very clean.
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