I need some advise regarding my home
July 23, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I owe a home built in 1935. It has 3 bedrooms however only 1 room has a closet. I have been told that if a room does not have a closet it cannot be considered a bedroom. Is this information true. The rooms are not big enough to have closets built and I use stand alone closets. I am concerned about this issue for resale value. Does anyone have any input on this situation?
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Every town has different building codes. You need to go to town and find out what constitutes a bedroom.

But to keep the value of your home you need to find a way to incorporated closets in those rooms. One suggestion is to build a closet on each side of a window.

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Here in California in order to be a bedroom you need a closet and a window. Judyg's suggestion of finding out from the County Planner (or simply call your local Realtor) to find out. Adding closets makes a lot of sense. If something is attached to the home (built-in) it's part of the house and can be considered a closet.
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In our area, code enforcement says that you do not need a closet for a room to be considered a bedroom. However, you must have a smoke detector in the room. In terms of determining legal occupancy levels, you don't need a closet for a space to be considered a bedroom

The local MLS rules require a bedroom to have a closet although the rules aren't uniformly followed. We recently saw a house with one bedroom on the main floor and two large bedrooms in the upstairs and neither upstairs room had a closet although there was plenty of closet space in the central hallway. That home was listed as a three bedroom house,

I have also been told that closets are required for rooms to be considered as bedrooms for appraisal and financing requirements.
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