Need help with kitchen backsplash and decorating.
Michelle StovallJuly 24, 2013
Looking for:

-backsplash: need ideas for something that will go with the dark counter tops and dark cabinets. I would like something that can help brighten the kitchen up.
-window covering: we just got shutters installed. I don't know of we need window coverings or just things put on the walls around the windows.
-top of cabinets: what are you supposed to put on the top of cabinets? I don't want a lot of clutter.
-wall paint color
-dining table chairs: would like to get new ones that have more personality. Have two little kids so something that is easy to clean and can handle some abuse.
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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
Hi Michelle: Not all kitchens need to have a backsplash. The area is not that big so you can leave it as is. Or if you want a pop of colour this may be the place for it. You can use a high end snazzy tile, and it wouldn't cost much.

I like the shutter as is. I would not put anything else on windows, like valances, curtains, etc. Looks clean & uncluttered & classy as is.

Your chairs are stylish & work well with the table & the colour of your countertop.

Top of cabinets - there are two schools of thought. 1, that cupboards should go to ceiling to cut out wasted space. There is lots of room for you to lift cupboards up & create a roomier look on counters. This is not difficult to do. Cupboards are emptied & cleared, handyperson unscrews cabinet from wall & lifts, then re-screws.

2. some like me, enjoy having the top of cupboards available to add decor. Your cupboards look fine as is.

However, currently the decor on top of your cupboards is not adding anything to the look you want. This is where you can add the colour pop you want.

I would recommend you take everything down off top of your cupboards. There is far too much & it looks cluttered, as is. This is not a practical place to put flowers, as they end up getting dusty & worn looking.

Add pop colours which would tie the dark cabinets, black counter top & wall colour together, by adding colourful pieces to top of cupboard. Not much - use big pieces in pattern, like large vase, jugs, glass bottle, or bright coloured wicker baskets, or large plate on black iron stand.

The colours I can visualize on top of cupboards: turquoise, pacific blue, red, yellow, darker orange.....

What you can also consider doing is panelling the island to give it more presence. I did that in client's house by panelling with tongue & groove & staining it. The end result was great.

I will see what photo ideas I can find for you. Tell me what you think?
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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
here is one idea: Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers 450 Architects, Inc.
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I don't like to see anything on top of the cabinets.

A subway slate tile would look nice ... or an off-white subway tile:
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LOVE everything Sharon suggested!!! Great and practical ideas for your beautiful area!
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I really love the kitchen and if it were mine I'd use smallish slate squares. Actually your kitchen is the same pattern as mine but I have a butcher block island top and have a free standing stove where your wall stove is. Love the cabinets and countertop.

If you change the wall to slate or another tile you can change the outlets to designer colors too to make it look nice.
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Stilwell Design & Remodeling
It think removing the granite backsplash and adding a tile splash would be great. I'd love to see you do something as well with the back of the island. Perhaps panel it to match the cabinetry or tile to tie it to the new backsplash.
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Michelle Stovall
Thank you Sharon for all the great ideas! I have already started taking the items down from on top of the cabinets. Moving the cabinets up isn't really an option because we have such high ceilings (can't really tell from the photos), but I like the idea of having a few colorful items on top of the cabinets. I also think finishing the wall on the front of the island is perfect! I still need to decide what I like for the backsplash...I"m having trouble deciding, but I love the ideas from indianpatti. I think i like the subway tile route over the slate though.
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