What to do with extra room?

erlizardJuly 26, 2013
We are remodeling a Victorian condo in Boston, and our architect just blew our mind by proposing opening the kitchen enough to make it an eat in, which is more our style than a formal dining room. Now what do we do with the old dining room?

The old layout flow was kitchen with a doorway that can't be expanded leading to a dining room with pocket doors into the living room. Off of the living room is a nook at the foot of the stairs to the top floor bedrooms (that we thought would be an office), off of the dining room is a bedroom (that we thought would be a playroom/guest room).

Now we are thinking the bedroom could be a guest room/office, and somehow use the old living and dining rooms as a big play area and living room combo, with the nook as a reading area. Does anyone have any thoughts about that, or pictures showing something similar? I've tried to attach the plan, and the triangle in the living room is an old fireplace we're hopefully reviving. Never thought I would have the problem of too much space!

Thanks for your advice!
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Try saving the floor plan as 'jpeg' file. A guest / office would be a bonus to any home.
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If you have children maybe you could use it for a desk for art or homework
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Thanks Dytecture, I couldn't figure out how to edit this so I reposted the plan and I think it worked as a JPEG
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