How can I bring this living room together?
Melissa Yost
July 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi folks! New house, trying to decorate the family room (which is somewhat open to the kitchen), using these chocolate brown leather sofa/arm chair pieces from our old house. Not sure how to bring the room together, considering the tone of the wood floor, the cherry kitchen cabinets, and the open wall of windows & slider to the pool area. I would love advice on paint color for the walls (I am thinking a gray with green undertone), furniture arrangement (I want to add one or two new pieces, removing the white ones that are currently here), and what to do with the TV/entertainment center wall! I think the black HAS TO GO, no matter what. Do you think I can pull it together while keeping it, or if not, what would you put in its stead?
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Actually I like the size and style of your entertainment center against that wall, I think it works well there. I would consider getting a fabric sofa or loveseat, perhaps in something like a linen color, facing the entertainment center, with the chairs to either side. Possibly a new rug, might be something to consider with both color and pattern. I think I would move away from the white, with the brown chairs and cherry floors, not sure what colors you have in your countertop, which is also something to take into consideration when making color choices including the color choice for the walls. Would also do drapery panels and perhaps a larger coffee table. I think a linen color might also be something to consider for a wall color, with perhaps something like a blue, green or maybe a blue green for one of your accent colors, given the brown of your chairs and the cherry color of the floor and cabinet.
July 26, 2013 at 9:29am     
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Melissa Yost
Thank you for your input, collettec! I attached a photo of the kitchen, so you can see the granite counters. They have coral, green-gray, black, beige, and olive.

Your suggestion about the rug is right-on! When we first moved in, I bought a patterned i/o rug in light blue, green, and cream which looked great esp with a little side table in light blue. The rug got destroyed by my Dyson the first time I vacuumed- even on the correct setting! I had to move it to the dining room where it is less noticeable. It seems like blue & green are popping up everywhere as our accent colors, especially because our pool area is filled with it-- blue tile inside the pool, green palms and banana plant surrounding, an orange w/ gray stone deck. I want to incorporate the outside but not go overboard with tropical theme.

Drapery panels are a must on my list! Would you put a rod between the two window sets or go all the way above? If I were to get a new sofa in linen, as you suggest, would you keep the brown arm chair? Or is it too big?
July 26, 2013 at 9:47am   
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I would consider going for smaller chairs and in a more simple modern style. Perhaps you could look for an area rug that had the linen or a cream color that you would have in the sofa as one of the colors in the rug. Then use one of the other colors in the rug for your chairs in a solid color. Considering that you have the slider, perhaps you could even go with something like slipper chairs and place them both opposite the sliders where you currently have the white chairs. I think you could do panels either way. You might want to check houzz browse section for two story window treatments to see what you like. Good luck!
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I don't have issues with the entertainment center either, but I'd like to see it centered better in its location. I also might consider painting the wall where the TV is in the same dark color so the TV fades away a bit. The shelves could use some serious styling and variety. Can any of them be repositioned? Right now they all seem to be very close together and styled similarly. Try 1/3 books (on sides, vertical or as lifts for other items) 1/3 decor pieces (large ones and threes grouped with some lifted) 1/3 open space. Another option to consider if possible is removal of the overhead bridge so they look more like bookcases rather than an entertainment unit. I'd remove the items on top until a real show-stopper is located. I'd want the oak blond chairs in the kitchen to be refinished in the same espresso/dark color as the TV unit if you're keeping them. A glass and metal coffee table would help brighten and you need a much larger area rug.
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Melissa Yost
I appreciate all the feedback! I am overwhelmed by it all but now have some great ideas to get me going! As for the kitchen table, I completely agree it needs refinishing (not sure I want to do that--) or a replacement. Love the idea of matching it to the entertainment center. i would definitely consider removing the bridge, too. That was all my husband's idea-- he likes that area for a speaker. Personally I hate the surround sound and the fact that the room revolves around the TV. I'd rather it revolve around the pool view, but he won't budge!
July 26, 2013 at 11:13am   
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Buy him a "surround sound" lounge chair and nestle it up to the TV, leaving the balance of the room for you and the pool view.
July 26, 2013 at 11:20am     
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anne dee
can the piece that joins the 2 wall units be removed. As is, it emphasises the dead space surrounding the TV.
Something like this would be more attractive
inspiration pic

July 26, 2013 at 11:59am     
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Melissa Yost
Love that! Thanks, anne dee! Yes, it can be removed. I really like the asymmetrical art above the TV!

My picture doesn't show the volume ceiling too well. This is a "great room" (although not that big) which vaults to the second floor ceiling and is open to a hallway above. If I were to do something like the image above, I will still have a full floor-level worth of empty space.
July 26, 2013 at 12:22pm   
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