Take my bathroom from busy 90's Waverly to Organized Tropical Oasis
July 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
The wallpaper is busy. The mirrors overwhelm. Our shower is cramped and dark. There is plenty of cabinet and drawer space under the sink, but no place to put the daily use things, like toothpaste, perfumes, blow drier, curling irons, etc, so our counter-tops are full of shelves or trays and make the space even more busy. I'd love to have one of those cabinets where you can leave the blow dryer and curling irons plugged in and hang them up and they are out of site. I want to be taken away to a relaxing environment!!!
It's so busy in there, it's stressful! We finished our basement in a British Colonial/Ernest Hemingway/tropical feel and we'd like to recreate that upstairs as we update our home.
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Sounds like you have a plan. You could add storage tower above the vanity to keep the counter clean.
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I know what I don't like...I have an idea of what I want, but how to get it there...that's another question. I'd love to make the shower bigger, but with the windows where they are, I don't know how. Do I keep the tub? Do I downsize it? Do I move the counter around?
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Granite Transformations
This bathroom has way too much going on.

First step, paint. Have someone come in and remove the wallpaper. Paint it in this Ocean Air by Benjamin Moore- http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/oceanair

Next step, reface the cabinetry you have in their with a chocolate finish and brushed nickel hardware. Find out more about the refacing process here- http://www.granitetransformations.com/southjersey/cabinet-refacing-page/

Then, replace the blinds with drapes that will allow more natural light to come through. You might want to consider having an electrician install a recessed light within the shower so it's not to dark.

The double vanity is nice. Not sure where you'd have room for a place for the hair dryer rack. Unless, you could choose to install something between the mirrors where the shelving you currently have it.

Hope this helps!
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Best Plumbing Tile & Stone
wow, what a GREAT space to work with! I would replace the tub with a free-standing bath. It will give you a great bathing experience, but will unclutter the room. I would replace the corner vanity with two separate pieces of furniture. It will allow you to keep two sinks, but will free up the space. You could even put a nice open shelving unit in the corner for towels and decorative stuff. There are many furniture lines that offer electric options depending on your price point. If you can wait until next year, one of the LARGE plumbing manufacturers are coming out with a beautiful vanity line that includes this option. You can definitely open up the shower wall to make it light and bright. Where are you located? I can recommend a showroom for you to visit that will be able to help you and give you great ideas.
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Athens Ga
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Best Plumbing Tile & Stone
My favorite vanities are made in your home state! http://signaturevanity.com. While I don't personally know anyone in your area, the local Kohler people are Devore and Johnson (http://devoreandjohnson.com). Looks like there is a Ferguson in Athens as well, but as in independent distributor, I hate to recommend chains.
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Thank you! Yes! Devore and Johnson is a good place to look. Thank you!
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I think if you take the wallpaper down and paint a calming color, it will give you a very different perspective on this room, and you may have a clearer idea of how to proceed. If there is not a light inside the shower stall, I would have one installed. You may want to consider something I did in a "let's get simple" movement in our home. I went through every room in my house (starting with the bathrooms) and I got rid of every single thing I did not really use every day, but kept for "maybe" or "someday". I must have had a whole laundry basket full of hair products tried and abandoned, cosmetic samples, perfumes I wound up never wearing, gift bags from the cosmetic counter, embarrassingly outdated medicine etc. etc. etc. My small bath off the master wound up having an amazing amount of drawer and cabinet space once I was ruthless. :)
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Can the walls around the shower be removed and replaced with glass? That would really open that whole area up. I would just look at the different bathroom designs here on Houzz and find layout ideas that would work in your space no matter what the style is. After you have the layout you can buy the cabinets and accessories for the style you want. I have seen a lot of vanities on here that have storage built on top of the counter. You can also use the space in between the studs in the wall to create storage niches.
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I will most definitely open up the shower with some glass. There is a light in it, but it's not bright. The bathroom itself is very bright. I'd love to make it a steam shower! Because it fits in a corner and there are windows immediately to the right, I'd like to figure a way I might enlarge it. I might be able to get 6 inches going from the wall side. Not sure if that's worth it or do I reconfigure the vanities, water closet, etc. to have a bigger shower?
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I was looking at the picture of the shower. What is on the wall next to the shower where you have the towels hung? It looks open there for you to make it larger.
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kathleen MK
In the corner between the sinks, add a cabinet to the ceiling with double doors that have storage shelves and hair dryer holsters on the back of the door. Check kitchen pantry type cabinets with swing out shelves and appliance garages.
If you don't want to redo the whole shower in glass you could add a clerestory window or a strip of glass block to let the light in from the window
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Next to the towels is the door to the bedroom. :(
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