Are lighter granite tops or darker granite counter tops are in vogue ?
July 27, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Do the lighter granite tops go well with rogue color cabinets and cherry hardwood floors
Smaller sample is the cabinet color , and the larger sample in the first picture is hardwood floor and in the second picture it is granite (Santana ) . Please advice and any suggestions are welcomed !!!!!
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Jenny Youngblood
OK don't know where you are located--> but here are some suggestions. Your cabinets should not match your floors. It is WAY too much (especially for the orange red of those woods) and mixed hardwoods gives a more designer look, especially if your are on either coast. Neither lighter or darker granites per say are "in vogue" but having had 6 kitchens with granite, I will say that A) darker granite is a nightmare to keep clean looking, especially the black ones and B) I feel dark granite is more dated looking. I would stay light or medium toned in your granite, creams, greys, greens or mixed. Make sure you do not pick your granite from a sample--> just go to a granite yard and pick your own. If a company is trying to get you to pick granite from a sample board they are limiting you to common granites, and you are selling your possibilities short, and b) you are likely overpaying for a granite. Buy granite either from the yard directly or from a granite/tile store, never a big box store.
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Stanton Designs-online design services
The cabinet and counter work nice together. Just something to consider, pair a darker floor with your cabinet and see if you like it. This will add a nice contrast and a lot of visual interest to your space.
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Are your cabinets maple? I don't see a lot of wood grain to them. I would pick a floor with more wood grain such as hickory or Oak either lighter or darker than the cabinets. The heavier grain will compliment the no grain cabinets. Anderson Flooring, Urban Pioneer, Coppercart, would look beautiful with your cabinets and granite. It is a neutral brown color with hints of red. I wouldn't go with what's in "vogue" because it will go out of style. I like the lighter granite.
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Looks like a nice combo to me.
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I would not put that cabinet with that floor. I would put a cream cabinet with that floor and granite, or I would change the floor if you decide on that cabinet and granite.
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