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haasbreinJuly 27, 2013
I bought this gorgeous Calvin Klein comforter set years ago and have yet to find the right color to paint the room. I had painted a light blue color in my last house and hated it. I Now I have a blank slate again... I painted my living room with a navy accent wall and have a half gallon left and was considering another navy accent wall behind the bed. I would hang some art work also above the bed to beak it up. Is that too much? I love this bedding but it has become a real pain!! First world problems ;-)
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Great comforter. I wonder if the navy accent wall might take away from it, though, and make the room feel like you're swimming in blues. Maybe something more neutral yet striking like Evening Hush by Behr for the accent wall?

Evening Hush, Behr · More Info
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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
Hi! Not sure a navy wall would do the comforter justice? Michelle's suggestion is a possible.

Take down the sign, too high & not centred. Bedside lamps & tables don't have to match, and I am not a fan of matchy-matchy; however scale is lacking here. Right light is far smaller than left one. A pottery style light(s) may look warmer, or reading light over bed.

There are too many pillows on bed, and I can't tell if you have matching pillow shams or not?

Behr is carried by Home Depot. Go & check out their paint colour on line or in person & see what you think about Michelle's suggested colour. Get a chip & a small sample paint jar & paint a square on wall & look at it during day & evening hours to see whether it works with the duvet.

Remember the paint chip colour goes on wall darker than expected.

Once you have selected wall colour, paint & then get Euro pillows (squares) & shams as close to wall colour as possible either plain or print & stand those up against bed pillows. This will give you 4 pillows on bed maximum.

I have attached image of bedroom bedding, headboard & tables to show you contrasts which work nicely against soft beach blue wall.

If you are going to add a throw to bed, it should be in a contrasting colour & texture so it stands out & doesn't look like a mismatch.

Target, TJMaxx are stores which have great selections of bedding & pillows at good prices.

Now you can re-hang the sign over the bed or on the wall the bed faces, either location is perfect for reminder!! I have same sign.

Let us know if these ideas helped and show us results.
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The lighting in this room makes it hard to take a good photo. The walls are beige and since the last owners had a million kick knacks and pictures I have to patch, patch, patch. I thought about Huntington Beige c21. But Im really tired of beige... I agree the lamp on the right is too small. Its pretty tight on that side of the bed so I would have to find a really tiny table like 12 inches across. Should I just eliminate the lamp all together? I attached a photo of the rest of the room. Even with every light on its still so dark!! By the way the curtains need to go too! The previous owners had left them too. The throw is part of the set, man Calvin must love grey/blue! The ceiling fixture, I wanted to change to a fan with a light. Thoughts? I would love a chandelier but I think it wouldn't look right since the ceiling is low.
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Maybe Ill just paint the whole room white and call it a day!!
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Or... I recently re did this yellow room. I could switch out the bedding?? Yes/no?
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My hubby also thinks there are too many pillows. Lol.
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This Behr colour is a beigey shade with a hint of yellow in it. I think it would contrast very nicely with your blue bedding set. I have it in my own bedroom. It is a fresh, clear colour that is beautiful to wake up to.
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Looks like there might be green embroidery on the blu comforter? or is it all blue. I think a STRIPE of the navy, gray, green (if there is any on the comforter) over the light silver (I'm thinking you like that pillow with the comforter) wall would be nice
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Husbands ALWAYS think that there are too many pillows... get a basket or an old record cabinet so he sees that there's a place for them to go when someone wants to use the bed....resistance will drop (a bit)
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There is a hint of a grey/green on the bamboo leaves and navy flowers that are very small. I took the three pillows off and left the small grey silk one. And took the throw off the end. When you say stripe do you mean actual stripes in 3 colors?
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