Paint color - exterior - help!
July 27, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am having a terrible time choosing a paint color for my home. I thought I wanted dark gray, but my kids told me that would be too boring with our roof. I think they are right. I fell in love with the color of this house:
and I put a sample up on my is really dark and gorgeous, but I'm kind of scared of it. The color is BM Twilight. Not sure if my house has enough contrasting elements to break up all that dark color. And then i have one brick wall to contend with. A friend suggested I paint over the brick, but I don't think that is the direction i want to go. Thoughts? I'm attaching a few pictures. One shows a large area of Twilight on the front of the house. Another shows 2 additional colors, BM Agean Teal and Dragonfly. ANY ideas would be more than welcome! Who knew this would be so difficult!?
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Oh one more thing, we tore out all landscaping, huge ficus hedges, and plan to re-landscape to compliment whatever color we choose. Landscape ideas welcome too!
July 27, 2013 at 5:02pm   
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7j Design, Ottawa
I would first want you to deal with the brick. It looks like the house is incomplete with a little bit of brick on the left of the door. If it was highlighting your entrance door then I would have said leave it. Doesn't matter what colour you pick for the house, the brick will look out of place.
July 27, 2013 at 5:12pm      Thanked by rosalynarvizu5
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Your house has both modern and some cottage-y elements. I've never seen brick on a house where they left it off over the window, definitely not something to call too much attention towards . . .. I think it can only be improved by the dark blue. Why not have the blue you admired?

Look, you have a stucco house, and you are trying to copy a house with siding but the main thing both houses have in common - you have a lot of white elements already. Your roofs are the same gray tone, you have white windows, fence, garage,, etc . . you clearly admire cottage style (fence, brick, etc.)

Here, I think you should go for the dark blue and do these things to balance it. Go big and I'm sure you will love it -think of it as a contemporary cottage approach -

1. Either take off the shutters on the front elevation altogether or paint them white. Since you don't have shutters elsewhere, and they aren't sized to actually fit the window, the house will be more modern without them - you can't make your house a bungalow but you can keep them and add more cottage elements if you like them.

2. You may want to add a white painted window box (if you keep the shutters) to all the windows. You can actually use something like ivy that grows without too much help and put fake daffodils in when it is summer.

3. Add some great lights in brushed nickel to echo the gray roof / pop against the house - a new one by the front door and another over the garage - like this You need this kind of a cottage / seaside / throwback that has some modern charm to help polish the look.

As for the brick - painting it white with dark blue will just give you a big patch of white near the entry - not helpful. You could wash it with white paint to add cottage look, but again, the dark red brick is at least the same depth of tone as the navy, and the white elements in it reinforce your trim and cottage nod.
I would use plants with variegated yellow-green foliage next to the blue house - white flowers, yellow flowers. Paint your front door white if it isn't.
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You both are right about the brick. Every house in the neighborhood with brick has done it a different way, as though it was added after it was built. My neighbor across the street has the brick all the way up past the window, next door the brick is on the other side and only half way up. I am actually not a fan of the cottage style, but that is the 1957 tract neighborhood I live in. A lot of shutters, window boxes, large shelves and almost Scandinavian looking curvy trim. I would love to modernize my house!

Libradesigneye, thank you for the great suggestions. I love the lighting you suggested. I will take it all into serious consideration. I agree adding more white will help too. Here is another inspiration photo. I know I don't have this type of house, but I love it!
July 27, 2013 at 6:40pm   
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Blue and white trim is a nice combination with brick. The door could be yellow, cream, ncoral, red, lime green ...
July 27, 2013 at 6:54pm   
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I agree that the brick does look unfinished and a bit 'odd' that way. Anther option is to choose a paint color that is actually IN the brick--such as a brownish red. That would reduce the impact of the brick and unify the color throughout. You could then add accents in a grayish-blue. I think the house would look bigger that way.
July 28, 2013 at 5:46am   
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