Need help for sink/fridge placement in 20 X 10 interior kitchen
July 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi - we are redoing our kitchen and the new kitchen is fully open to a large dining area that is all windows & skylights. But the kitchen itself is interior with 2 passageways. I have posted the design below. I cannot figure out correct appliance placement since walking from one side to the other is 16 steps. My best guess is sink against middle wall, fridge against family room wall & stove against garage wall. I was thinking that the sink & dishes needed to be close to everything. Trying to keep island clear except maybe for small prep sink. Does this layout work? Also, is a sink centered in kitchen with no window an aesthetic mistake? I would try to make it look good. Overall style is contemporary/transitional.
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Curtains by Catherine
My kitchen renovation is similar to yours in the fact that the island is the only thing separating my kitchen from the dining area. I put my main sink in the island so that I am able to face the diners while still working on the meal. I also raised up the island seating area in front of sink to block the diners' view from the preparation (I tend to clean up after a meal is over). Once you figure out the sink's position, the refrigerator should be placed so that a work triangle is created.
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I agree with photoholic1, that in this drawing, the sink would be better placed in the island.
However, I question the island, as there could be a better way to use your space. Why do you want the island, and what do you envision happening there?
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Yes, that plan is a good one! For now I am trying to keep the island a big blank flat space for cooking, baking, prep, arts & crafts & projects with the my kids. They help me cook often and we are always bunched up on our current 3x3 foot space in our current island. But I may crumble & at least put the sink in the island. That is what most kitchen designs seem to have done...
July 28, 2013 at 8:45AM   
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Ruebl Builders LLC
Sink need to be across the range and its right on!!!!
July 28, 2013 at 8:46AM     
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Hi Sstarr93 - for the island I am going for a big open space for multiuse, cooking, baking, kids projects & a buffet/serving area for entertaining. The island is placed there because I do most of my prep work at my current island & wanted to face out to the back yard (the big glass wall on the back of the house & the dining table so I can talk to everyone. We typically throw the pots & pans in the sink & wash up afterwards so cleaning & talking is not as big a concern to me as prepping & chatting with the kids &/or guests. Do you have any other thoughts for that space? Thanks!
July 28, 2013 at 8:48AM   
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Hi Ruebl - thanks for your response! Do you think sink directly across from range would make us bump into each other with 2 cooks (myself & my husband)?
July 28, 2013 at 8:49AM   
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Sink should be across the range, bump the island into the room another foot to allow for more walking space between it and the stove.
July 28, 2013 at 8:57AM   
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Your fridge and sink may be too far apart for a smooth work triangle but having the prep sink in the island would help. Think of the large sink and dishwasher as the clean up area and the prep sink is where you would wash fruits and veggies or get water for the range..(Unless you are fortunate to have a pot filler on the range wall!) The prep sink will not have a pan soaking in it or the scrubbing things for dishes.Your food comes straight from the fridge to the prep sink to wash and cut up. From there it goes back in the fridge as a finished dish or it is put on the stove.
You would now have 2 triangles and that is fine and even good when there is more than one cook!

Be sure to have mostly drawers in the island for pots and pans and even dishes. Plan for a garbage can and maybe a place where a mop or broom could go unless it is close by elsewhere. Do you have a pet that eats in the kitchen?
The range placement gives a great opportunity to do a focal point for that wall - so many options with that!
July 28, 2013 at 9:11AM   
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Well, kkw6, I agree with your island based on how you see using it. I would just like to see it take on more importance in the room.

My crystal ball:
I believe that the future direction of kitchen design will be away from the current upper/lower cabinets + island idea. It will be in the direction of separating storage walls from cohesive preparation and entertaining areas. By that I mean, in twenty years we will be seeing kitchens with perhaps one wall of floor-to-ceiling pull-outs and built-in appliances, with a separate, single large block containing everything that needs to be horizontal: sink, prep areas, cooktop, eating area, pot storage. Kind of like an island, only larger and more important to the functioning of the kitchen.
July 28, 2013 at 9:35AM     
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I would recommend placing the ref. on the garage wall. The reason being that when you walk in from the garage it is best to have the ref. and landing area right as you walk in.
I would strongly recommend rethinking your opinion about having the sink on the island. it is a great central place to have a sink in any kitchen. This also solves the problem of have too large of a work triangle in your kitchen. You should never have more than 9' between the sink, ref., and cook top. Also, think about your sink faucet as a piece of art that will be featured on the central island. After placing the sink on the island, I would place the range on the central wall, offset from the sink. Leave the wall against the family room for serving.

Good luck!
June 6, 2014 at 3:49PM   
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This post is from 2013, hopefully a solution has been found.
June 7, 2014 at 5:29AM   
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