Want to update my very small home.
Rebecca Krichevsky
July 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Home built in 1978, purchased by me in 1998. Went into full bore custody dispute, landing in financial ruin. In 2007, ex husband deadbeated, no financing or emotional capability to go back to court. He provides nothing in any type of assistance, I pay everything. In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon in Stage IV, survived 52 rounds of chemotherapy; bills are excruciating. Now, two kids in college, medical bills and college fees consume me, I've not been able to do a single thing to update my home, I want to keep my place and make it pretty. Huge animal lover, just want to be at peace, be fulfilled and be happy in my home.
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After all that you really deserve a break :)
On a limited budget paint comes handy ,so paint the kitchen cabinets in Espresso to compliment your table and chairs, purchase some new knobs for the cabinets ,remove the magnets from the fridge , have a shelf or cabinets for all your cereal boxes , paint the kitchen in a cheerful colour . Find a new place for the TV this way you will have more room on the counter. The map in the kitchen sink....a no no .
For the bathroom you need a couple hooks for the hair dryer ,its not a very safe place in the sink ,water can wet the cord and an electrical shock is very possible , you could also paint the cabinets ,and when you can change the shower curtain, Remove the photos from the wall ,water will damage them, look in Thrift stores for things like picture frames ,baskets etc.
espresso bean CSP-30
Utility room - University Tower Condominium
Pear Green 2028-40 Paint
July 28, 2013 at 12:36PM     
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Becky, I feel your pain, but I also exalt in your victory. Paint is the cheapest thing I know to change your environment, but you coming off chemo, you will want to stick with low VOC paints. You may be very sensitive to chemicals and you don't need to add more injury to the insult you've already endured. You can go to the home stores and ask them to let you know when someone mixes a color they don't like that happens to be a low VOC fume paint.(cheaper!) Give them a number to reach you. Also hang around their clearance racks and look for cheap things that catch your eye.

Not sure where you live, but you may have access to a restore store. That is a store where remodelers dump their cast offs. I know we do here in west Texas. Great deals.

Take a jar and put all your change in it at the end of each day. Make it your decorating budget. Those parking lot pennies can add up quickly.

Funny, but I used to have the same shower curtain with the fishes on it!

Use bright colors on your cabinet doors, something cheery that makes you smile.

Art can be obtained several ways, old calendars framed can help with a theme and you can get them (frames) fairly cheaply at hobby stores in their clearance bin. Old maps make fun art and can inspire you.

Moving on from betrayal is a toughy, but changing your environment is a great start.

You can make your own art with Modge Podge. Find Cheap remnant of fabrics with a great floral or patterns you love. Purchase a big canvas and cut out motifs from the fabric. Glue them to the canvas. If you have extras Modge Podge them to painted lamps to repeat the theme.

You could go safari or stick with cats and dogs if you prefer domestic critters. Cheetah and animals prints are easy to find and can be used sparingly in rooms as pillows or table runners. If you don't sew you simply buy fabric glue and turn the edges under, press them with an iron and use the glue sparingly to make them lay down.

Pillows can be made from rolling an old tshirt up in a long piece of fabric and using scrunchies, ribbon or other long pieces of fabric tied in bows.

Hope this gives you ideas. Congrats on the chemo success. Being a strong woman comes from beating through touch battles. I'm a recent surprise widow and I've come a million miles since my husband dropped dead of a massive coronary in my arms.

Lifting you up in my prayers.

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Keep your spirit high ladies, we all have a battle to fight

July 28, 2013 at 12:47PM     
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