Door knockers for double door entry
July 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My new house has double front doors, both function but everyone uses right door. The problem is the raised paneling on the doors, if I want to mount a knocker in traditional place I can go only 2 1/2" wide, which means something long & narrow.
I am finding fabulous vintage/antique knockers on eBay but most are single knocker, which could work if I only put knocker on the right door.
Question: how would it look if I mounted knocker/s in center of door, same level as the door knob? Then I could get a beautiful pair of round lions head knockers.
Also, I'm conflicted about whether to use two knockers or just one on the right hand door.
Or, should I focus on something long and narrow and place at 'normal' knocker position?
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They usually are on the top and in the middle, one is what we usually see but on a double door I would use 2 to make it even and balanced ,If a person is left handed they can use the one on the left but if you use 2 like this one it wont look good ,think of a pair of earrings some cannot be worn any way we need a right and a left .

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I agree with Genevieve. The right door is the dominate door as identified by the key and peephole. So that do has three to one bright work items already. If you only place a knocker on the right door they will really be out of balance. I would install an elongated coat hook style knocker on both doors. If you do not really need the peephole I would remove it and install the knockers at that level. If you would like to keep it then just below. As stated the choice in knocker design should be left AND right hand or ones that are generic to direction. Nice doors.
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Lin Doyle
I have the same type of doors-doble with raised panel and a peephole on the right which is the one we use. I was having trouble finding anything that worked but got these on Amazon of all places. They had to (in my mind) be oversized but I agree with you, the paneling makes it difficult to find oversized that doesn't mess with that. The peephole will be covered but that's ok (they haven't been put up yet).
The dimensions are 7.6 x 3.8 x 2.7 inches (L x w x Projection/depth but the "bolt" diameter )w/cover) is 2" so you should be able to install them and have the bolt and bolt cover flush. Finally, I agree with the others. You really do need 2.
Tons of colors, metals, etc.
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Lin Doyle
@Genevieve-REALLY cool! My house/door is much older than yogamom's and it could use all or any of the hardware on that door. Gotta run and log onto ebay. Thankfully, the door knockers from Amazon haven't been hung and still have packing material so they may go back. But unless yogamom wants anything on that ebay door-leave me msg if so!
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Thank you Everyone for commenting. I think I knew what I had to do (go with doubles) but the antique/vintage ones are so beautiful on eBay, I'm wishing I had a single solid door instead. Now, I should have asked this as well, my husband and I are NOT fans of brass and kind of hate to add more brass to the doors, (another reason I liked the antiqued burnished old brass/bronze fixtures)
What if I went with a verdigris or dressy black narrow knockers? I have to keep the peephole, it's the only way we can see someone at the door,so I will have to mount right under it.
Really appreciate the input, I love Houzz!
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Yes, I saw these & love them! But sadly they are 2.75 wide & I can only go 2.5 wide tops....otherwise I'd buy them in a flash.
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that's what I suggested in my first posting but everyone seemed to think they should be mounted up higher , the traditional way....

If I could place in dead center of door I would have plenty of space for something much more interesting....I may get a couple different types locally, that I can return/exchange & play around with different placements....
thank you!
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Happy Update & thanks again for the advice....I bought two of the bird knockers from Anthropologie, they look (I think) teriffic on my doors. Since woodpeckers often peck upside down, I mounted one upright and the other upside down. I'm glad I double checked the measurements, the online specs said the bird knockers were 2 3/4" wide & that would not have worked. Luckily I have a Anthro nearby and went and looked in person. They are much more narrow than the stated dimensions, maybe 1 1/2".
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