Need many repairs, condo unit was built in 1985

izzitishJuly 28, 2013
Condo unit built in1985, hurricane charley category 5, and damage badly the inside and outside of all units. Well after. Almost 10years the outside is beautiful and pristine again. However. The water seepage has caused musty & constantly damp conditions even with a humidistat in the ac. Can only figure there is water inside walls that is molding & mustying the air. Cracks In between the old tlle grout missing. Need taller handicap toilet, sink basin is to shallow and has no plug with corrosion around the base of the faucet. Towel bar is put so that the towel hangs right over the handy cap handle and toilet paper dispenser. I must work on keeping the rust off of all different place. To much special asseccments went towards the outside, the inside is left to the owner. We received another asseccment this year, just 3months ago to have the bubbling roofs pulled up and refoamed and resealed. We will never be able to get the work done on the inside. I flipped a farm tractor while trying to help move downed trees at church and it left me with a pretty mean blunt head trauma and broken back, so to this day it limits my ability to conquer
The smallest of task. My husband is very handy but he puts in the extra hours at work whenever he can get it. To help with the extra cost of living with me not being able to help put money in the jar. And to help with the extra medical expenses. So to get any kind of help would be such a blessing for both of us. Although I have no doubt in my mind that their are so many others out their that could use it even more. Like all those poor
Folks who just lost everything they in those fierce tornado,s. you try to put yourself in there shoes but you know you just cannot until it happens to you. I am certain there is the greater need for a make over. Bless them stricken people Lord Amen.
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