Injecting some life into backyard....

John GlendenningJuly 29, 2013
We have a very basic backyard (we have just built our house). We want to put some garden edging around the fence but arent sure if we should use curves or straight lines. Everything about our house is rectangular as you can see...

We also have a rain garden smack bang in centre and were thinking of putting a deck over it. Any suggestions on how to pretty up our backyard a bit? Thanks!
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I would focus around your patio with colorful flowers. Add some big pots on the patio too. I think since the house is rectangular I would use curves. Good luck! Nice house.
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I would put a tree on the opposite side of your doors. (Like a birch, or whatever your favorite tree is.) Incorporate it into the edging around the patio.
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John Glendenning
Thanks Icerveny. One landscaper said to keep proposed garden beds around the fence straight and another said to have curves - not sure who to believe!
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Definitely go with curved beds around the fence. Everything is squared and you need to offset that with some snaky curves. In the middle you could do a low deck with an arbor to provide a shady seating/ lounge area. Plant the arbor with some climbing vines to shade the area. I have kiwi vine on mine and it works great. An ornamental tree would be nice off the porch. Good luck!
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Your furniture is begging for a modern straight lined garden. So is your deck. Think simple architectural plants en masse ( like tall grasses, short grasses), large groups of trees/shrubs, etc.
Having a curved garden bed in that space would be like putting chintz wallpaper in a modern diningroom. It will confuse and complicate what you are trying to achieve (assuming you are going for clean lined modern).
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John Glendenning
Thanks Cluedin. Can you outline what species of trees and shrubs would best suit a contemporary look? We live in Australia
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I know nothing about plants in australia. But for modern landscape design anywhere the key is to keep it simple and plant en masse and in distinct layers. If planting trees, groups of 3 or 5 depending on space make a strong modern impact. When choosing plants consider and appreciate texture and form. Even an expanse of grass with straight clean edges ( like you have) makes a great modern statement. You cant get much simpler than this photo. It is from australia.
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