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July 29, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am having new countertops installed with a 9 inch undermount sink. Everything has been cut and ready to be installed. I arranged to have a plumber come in to re-install the faucet, dishwasher, garbage disposal etc. Now the plumber tells me I have a "minor disaster" here because the AC unit has the condensate drain going through the kitchen sink. The new sink will make everything too low to be reconnected, and I won't be able to have a garbage disposal (possibly not even a functioning sink). The plumber is blaming the countertop people for not checking the plumbing beforehand, and the countertop people are blaming the plumber saying that they have "never heard of such a problem before." Hopefully the plumber can still figure it out, or I am out of luck. This is the year 2013, and I might have to go back in time to using a strainer in my sink. :(

Word of advice: call a plumber BEFORE ordering new countertops, etc.
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Thank you for responding, unfortunately, I am not technologically inclined, and have no idea how to post pictures on the internet. I've already had 2 plumbers tell me the same thing. At first I thought the first plumber just wanted big $$$, but when the 2nd guy said likewise I realize something's VERY wrong. Apparently most AC units don't have a drain going to the kitchen sink. It usually goes to a bathroom sink.
July 29, 2013 at 5:59pm   
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Tennessee. There is just a regular insulated sheet rock wall that separates the garage from the kitchen. The drain comes out of the wall and goes into the garbage disposal and also loops down and up into the p-trap and into the other pipe that goes into the other drain. I have a double bowl sink now and am getting a single bowl. I'm sorry I don't know all the correct plumbing terms. Plumbing has never been my forte. (along with technology)
July 29, 2013 at 7:18pm   
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The AC unit is upstairs in an attic, and the line somehow comes down into the kitchen sink.
July 29, 2013 at 7:26pm   
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
Ask the plumber(s) if local code allows dual traps on that line. If so, and you have room in the cabinet (or in the wall), they ought to be able to drain the condensate into one trap and the GD into another, both traps t-eed off the existing drain line.

If the new sink is too low to get picked up by the existing lateral though, you probably do have a bit of a problem that will require opening up the wall behind the cabinet and lowering the lateral.

Word of advice: hire a GC to coordinate all the trades, that way you can blame HIM for it when all the subs are pointing fingers at each other! ;-)
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River Valley Cabinet Works and ReSquare Architecture, thank you for your help. yes, it's pretty scary. It's common in TN to have the AC in the attics, but it makes it a little tricky to change the filters sometimes. The condensate drain is in the kitchen probably because the AC unit is directly above the kitchen , and the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. (just a guess) Whoever installed it probably was only thinking about getting the job done, and never considered any future renovations.
Regarding the general contractor, that is excellent advice, I just wish I knew that before this process began. I had no idea that putting in new countertops with a sink and garbage disposal could be such an ordeal! Listen up fellow Houzzers! Countertop people, PLEASE give this same advice to your customers BEFORE you make the sale. It could save a lot of stress! All of us Average Joes know NOTHING about this!
July 30, 2013 at 6:04am     
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Oh, one more thing, ReSquare Architecture, I will pass on your ideas to the plumber that will do the work. I really appreciate your input. Thank you so much! Double!
July 30, 2013 at 6:11am     
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