What paint color for my black furniture?
Tracy Schwartz
July 30, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm so much happier today with my family room than when I started this project. FINALLY found curtains I'm happy with (I've literally tried at least a dozen). I do want to put some finishing touches, and deal with a possible mis-match in the adjoining rooms now.

I am looking at a brown leather couch and chair set that may replace the black leather in here. And then the question is, how to lighten the black wood? Looking at buying a new coffee table, so we can do wood tone there. Questions are:

1. Paint the black desk and end tables? What color? Or replace with wood tone?
2. We want to keep the armoire (hard to find one the size we want, and this suits us well) - paint or leave black?
3. What other pops of color would you add in here? I like the deep red of the flowers on the mantle, and would like to bring more of that in. What else?

Then you have my adjoining rooms. The sunroom with the green and brown curtains - do those curtains need to find a new home? If so, what will go with what's going on in the family room?

And breakfast nook valance (I KNOW it needs to be raised - and sewn... I'm getting to that as soon as I also raise the family room curtains... baby steps...). I'm not sure about the fabric for the valance anymore. Do I need to go lighter? Now that I've settled on the look of the family room, the other ones seem a little shaken up. It's hard to tell, but the wall color in there is a buttery yellow.

Thanks in advance for your continued help!
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Looks great!! I agree with you that you need to lighten the living room. You have pops of red, yellow and green in the other rooms so maybe continue that to tie it in? If you want to keep the tables I'd def paint them; but not a wild color; more a neutral. I'd get a throw to put over the back of the piece with it's back to us to break up the large black. Right now there's no color to move your eye around the room; table lamp, pillows, and area rug is where I'd go.
July 31, 2013 at 7:24am     
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GH Wood Design
This is a fantastic room! I would suggest adding some natural wood elements to add some depth to the room. While color would be nice, it is very trendy and might not be the best mix for the style of the room and adjoining spaces. Another route to consider would be to distress the black elements to create a more "contemporary" look while adding the depth and interest the room needs.
July 31, 2013 at 7:31am     
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All 4 Show, LLC
What's stands out more in the two spaces is how the open layout, with the dining room and family room, do not flow well. The warm dining room color is too much of a contrast to the cool living room...
The family room feels very "heavy" with the dark furnishings, therefore "lightening" it up is highly recommended via lighter tones. I do love the fireplace arrangement though...good luck! :)
July 31, 2013 at 7:40am     
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Tracy Schwartz
Kristylou, can you recommend a "neutral" color to paint them? Thanks for the accessory color ideas.

GH Wood Design, can you give me an example of what the black would look like distressed? The coffee table is already a bit distressed on the edges, with some white coming out from under. But I'm assuming you mean more dramatic distressing.

All 4 Show, I'm working to lighten the room for sure. Couldn't agree more. The breakfast nook picture does show the colors a little more hot than they really are, but I agree that it's a warmer tone. What would you recommend to bring down the temperature so it will match the family room better? Can I do that with just a change to that valance? Maybe go for the grey blue instead of the chocolate brown?

Thanks for your comments so far everyone.
July 31, 2013 at 10:26am   
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I like the cream in the pillow with a design on it. It's not white, but an off white or cream. The fireplace is white so I can't say I'd do a stark white on tables but a toned down cream.
July 31, 2013 at 10:54am   
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