Living room help wanted! Modern, clean design ideas PLEASE!
Tanya Aeria
August 1, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am stuck in designing my living room. When you walk in our house the first thing you see is the stairs...going straight up, and to the left is the family room, to the right is this horrible fireplace and vaulted ceilings / dining room. The dining room table lights are new...but the room is still lacking something. Any design ideas are most appreciated. THANKS! Oh we are planning on buying a new sofa too but not sure of style or placement. Sofa faces a large picture window looking to our garden front yard.
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The fireplace looks very "rustic" to me....not clean and could paint it white and go with a darker or wood toned need some modern art on the walls too.
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I like your new dining table lights. Very modern/cool. Definitely cover up the stone on the fireplace. A corner modern chair (like this one in the photo) would give a modern/glam look. Check out this tile on the fireplace too. I'd hang that art on the easel above the fireplace.

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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
Is that a mirror on wall beside stairs? if yes, replace it with a colourful piece of art, to draw the eye away from the stairs.

A mirror right in entry way is not good Feng Shui

Is the fireplace in the family room? Why is it horrible? It needs art or a mirror over it for decor

Can you use the lights over dining table anywhere else? in family room? They aren't adding much colour or style to dining area.

The easel would look better in a corner & be less of a tripping hazard.

Why is cupboard stuck in corner? what is it used for?
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I agree with art instead of the mirror in the entry way. And I love that chair Darzy posted!
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Do you love your area rug? It certainly has a selection of colors on which to base your direction. Agree with painting the FP stone white. Replace the mantel with a stainless steel one. How about charcoal gray for the walls? Then pick up the colors in the rug for accessories. Keep seating white. Big art for the FP and the other piece off the easel and onto the wall by the stairs. Rip up the nasty carpet on the stairs and paint them in one of your favorite colors from the rug!
Seahound Ranch
Summerhouse Skåne
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Art ideas for the entrance...
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Hello. The look of the picture Darzy sent you is right on the money! From your pictures of the rooms it appears your house is a split-level or similar configuration. Treating interiors like yours is really tough if you try to be Traditional or really any style that reaches back to 19th Century. But thinking instead of Mid-century and Modern and the look of that era your house will be a blast!
Another reason I really like Darzy's photo is because it shows you how fresh your home can be! Using a light, restrained range of color as your backdrop will bring all of the different walls, nooks an angles into perspective. Texture like the tile around the FP in the picture, adds enough interest if you would like a feature wall. Using a lowered horizon line in a few places (the hearth, a low cabinet, a bench) takes your attention off what might a disturbing ceiling and makes the room feel very calm. Then, just like Terracegallery said, some art place in key areas will bring it all alive. For furniture, seating that is very clean and becomes a piece of sculpture in itself like the chair above. If you like this concept you can then add a sofa also in simple elegant shapes. A modern, squared off sofa with ample arms and one, maybe two, added pillows that play well with the artwork.
Natural wood, Linen, Wool, Cotton, Plants, Art, a group of family photos all in black and white grouped together on a single wall..... I'd really love to see the staircase wall to wall carpet go on vacation and be replaced with a flat woven runner with maybe a stripe running up the stairs. PS.....That mirror facing the door is not a great idea, like Sharon said, it looks yukkie and dissipates the good vibes. Peas everybody!!!!!
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You are so right about the FP. Think of refacing with El Dorado stone real fake stone and making it higher and a little wider with a bigger mantel.
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If you are refacing the fireplace definitely make it larger, it is too small for your space.
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Jeffrey Brooks explained beautifully why the inspiration photo works so well! I do love that corner chair too. It's a "womb" chair and ottoman. Ranging from $800 to several thousand.

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Darzy your art!
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Thanks Darzy! :)
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Hey, the fireplace painted out in White (or Lt. Gray) will work. If you'd like to take it a step further and get more punch out of it you can do it for a modest $. For instance, have a new shelf cut from a plank or from ordinary plywood. Make the shelf just a bit deeper than the existing one. For length, make it 2.5 x the width of the current shelf. Once it's cut add a front edge of wood say 3.5" to 5" wide. This front edge can be any wood you like but an especially dark wood (Dark Walnut, Wenge, Oiled Maple) will give this the "visual weight" you need.
Run that front edge from front to back so that when it's mounted on the top of the existing shelf it looks as if it is a thick plank. Install the new shelf by gluing 3-4 small blocks on the down-facing side along the wall side. You'll use counter sunk (recessed) sheet rock screws to mount to the wall. (Forgot! You'll want to paint both the top and bottom of the plywood portion in black. Install the shelf off center of the FP so that the shelf extends further on one side than on the other. Drill down through the new shelf into the existing one. OK so now your stone is lighter in color (the same color as your walls) and your mantle is a clean rich piece of wood and together they make a modern (think Frank Lloyd Wright) slightly Oriental statement. Drum roll..............
............above the FP hang a large mirror in a minimalist frame. It should almost kiss the top of your new shelf.
To establish the height of the mirror, just make it lower than the top of the adjacent windows by at least 8".
The mirror should be a little narrower than the stone facing, maybe 12" narrower. Now you can purchase a piece of art and lean it against the mirror, slightly off center. You can secure it in place with a discreetly placed strip of thick double stick tape, or, make a "stop" by using self stick small rubber pads (the type used to pad a glass top on a table).
PS Hi Darzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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