Subway tile calculation?
Kayla Thomas
August 1, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Can someone point me to a site, or educate me on how to start my subway tile? I want to be sure that I start in the middle, and each of the ends are equal so I don't end up having a full tile on the left side of the room, and a tiny sliver on the right side. How do I calculate how many tiles I will need including my spacing for grout? TIA!
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Ironwood Builders
Depends on the size of the tile. A 3X6 tile is 18 sq. in. Measure your space to get the square footage needed. Divide by 144 (144 sq. in. In a s.f.). Divide by 18. That is just enough tile to cover the area with zero waste. Add 10% for mistakes and those bugger tiles that need to almost full size and not a perfect half. With subway tile set brick fashion, you are pretty well stuck with a centerline layout. Stacked bond allows more options for whole/half tile or larger at he end walls...but then it's not subway tile! Grout joint thickness is usually a response to the perfection of the tile and/or its thickness. 3/8" tile typically gets a 1/4" grout joint or greater. Some tile has "lugs" a bump on the edge of the tile that sets grout joint thickness. Hope this helps!
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
Adding to Ironwood's excellent summation, we like to measure the exact dimensions of the space and then add a tile's width to the width and a tile's height to the height for each surface to be covered before multiplying them together to get the square footage needed. That adjusted area takes care of all your cut tiles no matter how you lay it out. THEN add a % for waste/mistakes depending on how brittle the tile is, etc.

We always like to end up with plenty of extra tile. It costs more to go back to re-stock than it does to buy a few extra tile. Plus it's always nice to have some extra for future repairs.
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