How many pendants should I hang over my kitchen island?
adiversAugust 4, 2013
We are building a new home. Our kitchen island is flush with a sink and measures 7' wide by 5'1/2" deep. We would like to use industrial looking pendants, like upside down spot lights. The question is, do we use 2 large pendants 11"-13" wide or 3 medium size pendants 8"-11" wide????Thanks for your input!!!!!!!
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Odd numbered arrangements are more eye pleasing in most cases.
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Teresa Smith
There is some actual math you can use to determine lighting for rooms. There is a school of thought that revolves around the square footage of the room and what you are trying to illuminate. If the room (for instance) is a 10' by 10' you would have 100 sq feet in the room. Each room has requirements for lighting. You would usually want more for a kitchen and bathroom than you would for a living room or a bedroom. This is called the "Foot Candles" which means how bright the light is one foot away from the light source. The kitchen need between 30 to 40 foot candles in the general area and 70 to 80 over a stove and sink. You then multiple this number by the sq foot of the room so lets say you will need 7000 to 8000 over a stove and sink and 3000 to 4000 in the general area of a kitchen. This number is called the Lumens which is a number used by lighting companies to let you know how bright a light actually is. This is the science behind the lighting but you then need to deal with looks. That is why you see so many kitchens with pot lights as well as pendants because designers know how much candle power or Lumens are needed in a kitchen for lighting. Which ever one you go with make sure you have enough to illuminate the area well. Odd numbers are very pleasing but even more pleasing is being able to see what you are doing.
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