Help with entry transition (2nd try)

mariannecasconeAugust 6, 2013
We are wanting to create an opening in the wall to the left side of the photo. Not sure how to approach the half walls in the entry. It gives us the perfect opportunity to modernize and get rid of the spindles!
I need ideas on whether to keep the walls symmetrical, make the opening stretch all the way to the doorway that's already there, column? How many? What location?
I'm attaching our living room (ranch with the wall cutting the house in half) then I'm attaching some inspiration pictures I got from HOUZZ for an idea of the style I'm leaning towards...
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Fred S & LB Interiors, hope you see this!
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I really like your ideas. Budget is the key. Are you going to unify the flooring? jazz up the foyer?
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I am stuck with the flooring. And to make it worse, the kitchen is an 18" white tile. I may be able to restrain the wood... Just don't tell my husband.
However, I need to get creative with all the openings. I want it to look intentional & not like I just broke a hole in the wall...
My budget can be large, as long as the plan makes sense.... I've been hesitant to do anything because nothing feels right! :(
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For amount of money you will be spending, I think if you don't consider the flooring in the other areas (foyer) especially, and the details of the adjoining rooms you will be disappointed The foyer with the new entry way into the living room will be such a feature, that to ignore it will be very disappointing for you. Personally the flooring should be the same and the updating should go to the wall in the foyer as well. Spend the money on the big ticket items and go slowly with the rest.
Good luck
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I agree with you. Thank you.
However the floor is the old marble in concrete. It would take a jackhammer to take it out :(
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Rob-Michael Stieber
Just looking at this photo gives me the impression that those are not load bearing walls....(but I would get a second opinion on that). If that is the personal opinion would be to tear them both out and place a column where that first wall ends...just to give the sense of an entry way instead of feeling like you are walking straight into a living room area. I too would opt for using the same flooring you have in the living room to continue into the entry area to give the sense of unity and will make the space feel much larger...and not chopped up.
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Rob-Michael Stieber
If you can not tear out the marble in the entry way...I would take out the Chandelier and replace it with some modern looking track lighting and have it shine on the wall to give the feeling of walking through a gallery.
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I don't think I'd add columns to the pony walls, instead just remove the spindles, the header above then add a beefier ledge/molding to the top of the pony wall. This will make the space feel more spacious. I don't think the hall/living space is large enough to handle columns.
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I like your first inspiration photo as the columns are less ornate. I think you will have to paint the door and wall facing us all one colour as the door seems to be the main feature there and this will detract from the look you are after. I like the light fixture in your first inspiration photo also, but that will be down to personal taste. If you need more light there you could opt for some down lighting also. Good luck with it all.
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Jennifer Janesko
I couldn't sleep and took a stab at your interior with a crude Photoshop. Lose the left wall and stretch the right wall to be flush with the right side of the closet trim.

I am assuming the doorway straight ahead from the front door is your kitchen? I would open up that doorway as far as possible, losing the header and sides. I would move the chandelier (could go bigger) closer to the front door and add some accent lighting. You don't have to take out the entry tile, but it sure would make things seamless. Jackhammering is no big deal, it will be piecing in the wood and staining that will take more skill and time.

I feel like the room called for some shine and leather, so I added some. Maybe too modern for you, but you get the idea.

OK, off to bed. You know how artists can be....... ;)
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I would combine a couple of reader ideas, to be most impact, least expensive. First get rid of the eye catching spindles so you can see through. Take the right hand existing wall to the ceiling like jennifers rendition. (But not widen-will create too tight of a foyer from the looks of things) Keep the left 1/2 wall for furniture placement, but your eye runs through. Leave the floor. Add the track lighting in hall rob suggested. Remove left top header and fix ceiling, not floor. Paint out end wall white, since closet doors break it up. Add art to complete the gallery look! Great lighting will make this all work, (good job Jennifer), looks like you have some great furnishings.
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Modern Age Designs, LLC
I agree with everyone about unifying the space with the flooring and then do what Jennifer did with photoshop. It looks great, Behind that wall in the living room will separate the entry way and create a nice vignette in there with a small settee with a small round table and have a have a beautiful mirror above those. Bring the chandelier closer to the entry to highlight it make it more welcoming. You can check out my pinterest board named Mirrors. There's this one round one called the jade bronze mirror which is available on fab,com. Here is the link to my pinterest account.

Hope I was of help.
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Modern Age Designs, LLC
Jennifer your rendition was really nice.
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