Need paint suggestions please :)
August 6, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I just bought this house and am unsure which way to go color wise. I tend to like a little more of the modern look- not really sure what style this is considered... House was built in 1953, Long Beach Ca. I've got rock, painted wood siding and stucco here. Awning will be removed, new front door, low water native plant landscape and I do love a colored front door. Please help! Christmas lights will be removed as well ;)
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How about taking a good look at the colors in the native rock and going with a color that works with the rock for both the stucco and the wood siding? Sorry, I can't get a good idea of the rock colors from this picture although it looks like a gray or a clay might work. The current white siding and whatever color stucco it is just don't harmonize. What color is the roof? Is it shingle or tile? Gray is fairly neutral so your door color could be easy to choose....maybe an adobe or burnt pumpkin Is the long white window box under the awning staying?

This will be a good looking house when the color gets unified and the landscaping gets a good "haircut" - it is currently hiding the house.
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I'm glad you are removing the awning and getting a new front door. It would also be good to relocate the drain spout that is right at your front door. If you want a more modern look, no gingerbread or high contrast paint would be best IMO. 2taniya's idea of taking a color from the stone is good and I'd also suggest the trim a "natural" color as well. Little contrast between the stone and stucco/trim color. Do you like this color scheme? I would prefer the "white" to be more "tan" tho. I think it would work nicely with the stone.

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Basically, have the window/trim/wood the grout color of the stone.
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Love Darzy's example photo!
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2taniya, yes I will be removing the long white window box as well. I did read to pull colors from the stone.. Would you suggest painting the wood and stucco the same color? I just don't want it too monochromatic looking. I am in love with Orange for a door but I also found a great yellow/green to consider. My roof is dark gray/black shingle. I agree the colors don't harmonize. I knew this house had potential, the color choices are just overwhelming! My rock is quite similar to the photo Darzy posted above but a bit darker over all... Also love that you said house needs a hair cut- I am a hair stylist!
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Darzy, lol, Agreed on the gingerbread look!! I was fine with the white I just really dislike the peachy stucco. Also would love to do a rain chain- that drain is awful. The picture above is darling, thanks for posting it. We have a lot of mid-century modern ranch style homes in the neighborhood that I drool over. I like the white, though I tend to be more drawn to grays. We will eventually have a more desert-y looking landscape... rock, concrete, succulents... I get lost on so many different textures! So would you suggest the siding one color then the stucco close to the rock and trim? Right now I feel the house has so much going on I cannot wait to paint it!
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Is the door original? I'm not usually a fan of that style, but yours just looks right for the house, and an unexpected pop color like orange or lime would look great.

Before you remove the awning and window box, consider how you will deal with the stucco damage and undersized window.

Is the stone on the right side a different type? I think it would be cool to grow a wall garden on the left side of the house, mirroring the vertical stonework on the right, or perhaps covering all the stucco.
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brickln, I did not even think about the window size, thanks for addressing it! That awning looks just awful (to me anyway) and keeps the kitchen so dark- I love light. As far as the stucco, we can take care of that but would you suggest keeping the window box? The stone is the same on both sides, just in the shade is all. Might you know what style house this would be considered?
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I really don't know what style- it seems mixed, more cottage than modern. Don't know your budget- just trying to think of ways to help you bring a modern feel without messing with the bones. The awning will need to go to achieve that, and the stucco/stone/gable are working against the modern look.
I can somewhat see the window box staying, with hanging plants and perhaps some modern metal installation to evoke the look of shutters. Maybe instead a horizontal fencing along the house to block the stone.
Here are some totally out of scale pictures to help your imagination!

Contemporary Landscape
Contemporary/Modern Designs
MTLA - Broida Residence
Private Residence in Belvedere
Entry Garden and Portico: Living Green
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Tea Cool
how about placing flower and plant in the front of your house then paint it with green and white color, maybe if you like nature green is perfect color it's bright :)
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Love the picture Darzy posted - I see your new house as all the same color for the wood siding and the stucco but it must coordinate with the stone. The orange door would look great with the dark roof. Not sure yet about the trim - the Christmas lights, drain at the front door, stick and bag at front door, awning etc were!! I think this house is so "hidden" that maybe you should remove some of the landscaping (or at least trim it down or shape it up if you might want to keep it), the awning and the Christmas lights so that the house's "face" shows and then decide what you want to do. I think the window box could stay or go - it might look good in the trim color (if you have one) and filled with flowers - unless you don't want the upkeep. The window under the awning may be small but you could minimize that with some iron grill work or clay designs on either side or taller bushes or weeping trees.

I can just see you taking this house from a shag to a ponytail look - if that is correct hair stylist language!! Just like teenage girls - I want to see their face and eyes not their hair covering everything.....much as I envy their hair!! LOL!
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I must say, I do not live in the house just yet, we actually close tomorrow, will do some renovating and move in mid September but as soon as those keys are ours, 2taniya, all that crap by the front door will disappear! We will eventually get to the landscaping too, the city actually gives you money to do a low water, native plant garden which I think is wonderful of them to do!

Brickln, I love the pics you posted, I do know the house is not modern in design, I was just hoping to give it a little cool factor as we are a young/stylish couple :) I do definitely want to work with what is there and not go against the grain, I just don't want it to cutesy cottage-y. We have so many mid-century modern ranch homes in the neighbor hood and I just love them! Next time ;) Gosh, wait until you see my fence! It is that pinkish concrete block fence with a white wooden gate... This house will be a project but it is our starter and not our dream home so we won't go too crazy on it. Just want to update it, make it nice and livable. It was a rental and is in pretty poor shape. I hadn't even considered that the front door could actually be cute with the home, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will attach some pics of the looks I like and maybe you can tell me if this type of thing works either with or against the house??

I really appreciate the comments and suggestions,everybody, thank you so much! This is helping me to see outside of my initial idea and it is making so much more sense! BIG THANKS!!
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Swanky modern retreat echos your stone work, doesn't it? I would take the door a darker (more black?) orange - but your door so you choose!! Overall the colors on that house look good!! The lime green yellow blue house with the yellow chairs and all the pots makes me smile!! It would sure brighten your homecoming!
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Yes, these colors are great. The house is sort of a bungalow ranch, modernized a bit, isn't it? Can't wait to see your fence. I'd at least put a cap and fascia board at the top of the stone as a transition to the stucco. Maybe some tall architectural planters flanking the windows where you'll be removing the awnings. I'd suggest potted fruit trees but I'm sure they're water hungry.
This house is in good hands! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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Doors For Builders Inc
Some great examples of doors above. Color should be good, but if you choose wood, try to open the entry for 1 sidelite at least. More glass should be good for a modern look. Here are some examples, and best of luck on the closing and remodeling:
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" , HM
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Window ideas

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After you remove the awning and plant shelf (it looks like just a shelf with corbels underneath) the window will look undersized. You could install a vertical siding on the wall (something modern looking) but leave a few feet around the window as stucco. Then paint the entire house one color (maybe white) and the smaller area of stucco, with the window, a pop color. Then coordinate the door color with the pop in that area.
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