Creative floor solutions for sunroom?
August 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We have tile / brick colored floor in our sunroom- we were hoping to get creative ideas for changing the look without having to change the floor. I was thinking about painting the floor more of a light grey or white and was wondering if anybody had similar experience or another idea. We hope to use this space as a joint home office / sitting room. We tend to have a very traditional style, with lots of neutral bases and then pops of color. However I would be open to making this room more contemporary if the house would allow. Thanks!!
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Just to clarify- I meant I would like to avoid changing the floor material I.e ripping it up. I'm very open to changing the color or adding something.
Also, we would likely have to change the color of the fireplace too- maybe glossy black paint?
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This won't help, but I like it as it is. A sisal or jute rug will make it look lighter and the terracotta colour will be a nice border for that.
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David J Gill
Glossy black paint on the brick fireplace? Where did you get that idea? Maybe I'm missing some great idea but that seems like an odd choice to me. I'm always reluctant to paint brick but I know all brick is not beautiful so that may be a good idea. I would vote against glossy or black.

Why are you reluctant to change the floor material, I am wondering. I guess you can't go too wrong painting it. If the paint wears off you can always go for that new flooring. But compare the cost of the new flooring to the amount of work involved in sanding, deglossing, priming and painting multiple coats. I read some recommendations for painting vinyl that suggested 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish paint.
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We are not dead set on anything, just trying to consider all options! This is what I thought of when I said glossy black fireplace:
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Agree with Carolins ... this floor could work in this space
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A Crew of Two
You could paint the floor, but not sure it would help. Why not do a floating cork floor? It is not that expensive, as low as $3 a sq. ft, and would really warm the room up. It feels warm on the feet and helps absorb sound as well. It installs fairly easily if you can cut a straight line. Cork is a wonderful material for this purpose. Paint can be done, but if not done correctly can be a huge amount of work.
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