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August 9, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I must change the front door, garage door, and very soon the windows. I would like to keep the windows white as the soffit/fascia are still white and I thought to change the colours of the entrance door, garage door and shutters to make the house look better. However, I am afraid that with the colour of the roof and brick being so busy and not very well coordinated, leaving them white, would be still the way to go. Any help, ideas would be greatly appreciated, as I am struggling with this problem for few good days now. I am attaching the house picture and the proposed colour for the door and garage/shutters, but keep in mind they may not be a very accurate representation of the real colour (these people do not have better samples). The door colour is called "commercial brown" (looks like a dark grey greenish colour but when looked at close to the location of the door looks brown) and the colour of the garage/shutters is called "sandalwood" ( beige with yellow /gray tone) but I guess these are manufacturer's name. I think the color of the door is close to Benjamin Moore's (BM) "midsummer night 2134-20" and the garage door is close to BM "stardust 2108-40" or "toss taupe 2110-40".Thank you so much for any suggestion, advise.
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I would remove the shutters completely and go with a more modern look. Since the garage is so prominent and the front door recessed, I'd go with a stronger brown like BM Deep Taupe 2111-10, and a light or bright door. Paint the gutters, soffits and windows in the brown as well. And the house numbers.
I suggest this because there's little contrast between the house and the roof and the color reads yellow/orange. When the windows are replaced, you can review the color scheme again and return to a lighter color if you don't like it dark.
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Thank you so much for your comments. The numbers and lights are going to be replaced, I wanted to have the big items decided upon first. So, what colour would you suggest for the door? I thought of removing the shutters all together but I do not know if the brick underneath has the same colour as the rest as this is a 50 years old house. I know for sure the grout in between the brick was once a dark colour, almost black and now is what you see. On the other side of the house which is having a south west exposure, the grout and the brick colour is much lighter. What door colour would you suggest?
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I would paint the door a lighter color than the brick, and the garage and shutters a darker color than the brick.
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Doors For Builders Inc
I don't think you should necessarily keep the door and frame in lighter colors as long as you stay with a lot of glass in both the door and the sidelites.
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Agree, doors, there's just a lot of white in that entryway that the homeowner isn't going to change, so I don't think "commercial brown" is the way to go. I'm curious about the material being used considering the color name. I would trim the whole house brown and only have color on the shutters, for that matter.
IMO, the windows are the big thing, not the door. Best to play with color and style now so when you're ready to replace them, you'll know which way to go. If you're going with vinyl on the garage, that will rule out many options, so choose wisely.
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I would definitely remove the shutters since they can't be proportionately correct, even if replaced with larger ones. Each shutter should be half the width of the window to look as if that could close over it. Instead, beef up the trim around the windows and paint it a soft white or cool, light gray to contrast with the warm orange tone of the brick and keep it 'fresh'.
For the garage doors, I'd use the type with windows along the top to visually 'lighten' them, using the color gray of the grout on the doors.
The front door could either be a blue-gray, the bit of blue complementing the orange tone of the brick, or black (see photo below of black door with orange-toned brick). Either way, I'd recommend extra lighting in the door area to illuminate it.
Add some landscaping with color along the front of the house and entryway going down the driveway a bit. If you choose gray-blue for the front door, add flowers with blue to bring it out. Hope these suggestions help, good luck!
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Here's another color scheme with black.

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Use a nice sunny soft yellow to make your entrance inviting. Take off the false white shutters. Paint garage doors close to shade of brick so that they appear to blend rather than stand out. Add a striking tall black planter to right of front door close to the driveway and plant with yellow flowers and. Cascading lime foliage.
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While not a dead-on prairie house, your have many characteristics of the prairie school of architecture and Frank lloyd Wright -- its most notable architect. Horizontal rows of windows; low, hipped roof; deeply recessed front door; large, extended eave leading to the front door. I'd suggest you embrace the style rather than doing anything that would fight it. Here are a couple of examples that could serve as inspiration:

Arthur Heurtley House in Chicago, IL

Edwin Cheney House in Chicago, IL

Harry Adams House in Chicago, IL

Edward Irving House in Decatur, IL

Meyer May House in Grand Rapids, MI

Robie House in Chicago, IL

Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY
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I do not have words to thank for all the recommandations and so many ideas I have received for my problem. It is very true that I am overwhelmed by all the decisions I have to make and I admit that I think it is better to decide now on the whole scheme of colours/styles rather than later. The whole thing started with replacing the floors in the hallway entrance and the two rooms next to it: powder room and laundry/utility room. In order to finish the hallway entrance, I needed to change the door. We were thinking of a steel door, solid, with 2 sidelights, but the choice of colours from the comapnies we checked was quite limited and painting them over would add to the cost. We thought that it may be better to go witha fiberglass door that looks, in my opinion, better and can be stained or painted any colour but also goes up in price. It seems it is going to cost 5k for a steel door and at least another 1- 2k for a fiberglass. The windows are going to be vinyl and that means cannot be painted over. The big window we were thinking to make it as 5 casements one after the other and same for underneath window. Both would be 5k in white and more if we want them in 2 colours (one inside and another one outside). The other 2 windows on the top of the garage are another 3k and the garage door would be around 2k with very limited options in colours made of insulated steel at this price, but which means can be painted over, I guess). The biggest problem comes with the soffits and gutters that we won't be able to replace in the next few years. I should also mention that there are windows/doors on both sides and the back of the house and all are white. Same thing with soffits: they are all white. The windows however need to be replaced at least on the sides except a door and window we did replace last year in white but was not a lot of money, so I am thinking we can change again?! I am attaching a picture of the door from inside and two black doors that I had in mind to use as style. I do not have here any pictures of the sides of the house with me right now to attach but I could do that if needed.

As I said in the beginning, I am overwhelmed by the number of responses and ideas presented here and I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your time, knowledge, creativity, and most importantly, for your desire to help me.
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You're welcome, good luck!
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FINNE Architects
I recommend a deep color for the front door.....check out Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath.
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