Combined living dining area
August 16, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hello, my townhouse has a combined living area. I have a television in the living area. The area above the TV looks kind of blank. Also, the area to the right of the TV is empty. Any ideas what to do with these spaces? I cannot afford crown molding at this point. Any input is greatly appreciaated.
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You've done a great job on your room so far. Can you switch the two plants that flank the tv? I have a similar setup with the tv and flanked each side with mirrors. This picture is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.
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Definetly nothing above- why clutter the viewing area?
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Pure Home
People often have a misconception that all areas of their walls need to have something in them. This can lead to a very cluttered feeling interior. The key, however, is to have larger scale furniture items that will give it a cohesive, quality look. Have you considered something like this? Two of these flanking your tv console would give your room a solified, clean, uncluttered appearance. On the wall next to the tv that is blank, I would maybe invest in a comfy arm chair with an ottoman? You can never have too much seating!

Great house, by the way. You are on the right path.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Add a tall 6 ft by 36 or bigger mirror in a heavy dark frame. Just lean against wall right in middle of that wall. Metal art by sofa move to where small mirror is in dining area. Get a longer wider art piece for wall over sofa drop down to 5-6" above top of sofa. Or wall paper that entire wall. You could do a mural, of city lights or trees. Go on line and see. Do something contemporary as that is your look. But whatever you choose add the tall mirror to divide space. Great room.
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Without seeing all four walls of your space, I think you've done things well. You might try turning the carpet so it extends past the sofas a bit and grounds them better. The starburst is too small for the dining area, so switch it and the blocks piece. Center of the block piece should be 60" above the floor and put the starburst where you can see yourself in it when standing by the sofa. Switch your plants as suggested, and cover the floor lamp outlet with the lower one. Crown and drapes when budget allows, and if you have another wall for the block piece you could eventually replace it with a mirror large enough to reflect your chandelier.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Move floor lamp closer to sofa arm. Add another bamboo next to one u have but more in front of window to give wall more weight. Nice big ceramic pot in a red.
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What's wrong with blank walls? I can see you need something larger on the wall in the dining area, but I wouldn't clutter up the wall surrounding the TV. Looks pretty good to me. Lovely room.

Perhaps you can find a unique looking accent table to put the smaller plant that's next to the TV on. At least you could pull the plant away from the TV cabinet a bit. Something round there would be good. As long as it isn't square actually.

And would it be an idea to surround the smaller mirror in the dining area with friends? Like other mirrors, art... mix things up a little. Or would that be too eclectic for you?

Wicker Elephant Table
Hand-painted Cloud Table
Frisco: Brad and Tiffany
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I would not put anything on the wall. Would add a very large piece of art where the mirror in dining room is. A large piece of art would make the space seem bigger too.

This piece is from an artist on (acrylkreativ) ... palette knife painting, so lots of texture:
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Thanks for your valuable comments everyone . I already incorporated many of the suggestions such as switching out the mirror and metal art as well as swapping the plants and it is looking much better. Thanks so much,,,
August 16, 2013 at 1:05pm     
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Post more pix of your finished project here on this thread by commenting and using the Attach Images button! We love to see our ideas fleshed out!
August 16, 2013 at 1:46pm   
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