Bright White vs. Moderate White Trim
August 16, 2013
Our builder painted our trim the wrong color. It was painted Bright White (Sherwin Williams) and we had requested Moderate White. Somehow, I managed not to catch it until we had closed and moved in. Now, we have to make a decision on whether or not we should have it fixed. This is not an easy fix - doors would have to be removed and re-enameled off site. Window treatments and carpet are in, etc. so there is higher risk of other things being damaged.

All of the trim was enameled. We will eventually paint the walls some sort of earthy gray. What would you do? Leave it bright white or get it redone to be moderate white?
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I just did a bedroom with gray walls and bright white trim and it turned out great. I have had a lot of compliments on it. I would leave it as is.
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This is how I roll: I would call the builder on it, if you have it in writing that it was specified as moderate white and it is bright white than I feel he is liable. You have a choice of having him redo the work or you could come to a comprimise of a refund. Have you even mentioned this to the builder yet?
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