Master Bathroom Layout

Jason Ver PlanckAugust 17, 2013
I am trying to come up with a new efficient Master Bathroom layout. A few must haves are a door to the bathroom, an enclosed water closet, a large walk in closet and a nice size shower. I have provided a few ideas I have come up with and would like any suggestions. Looking at the existing layout, the shaded area reflects the extent of area I am willing to change. Option 1 only slightly changes from the original. We like option 2 however I feel it is too closed in. Option 3, I have flipped the water closet and shower to address my concerns on option 2. Lastly option 4, we like that it is more open than the others but I am tired of the angles.
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I like option 1. I think it is the best use of the space and would probably cost the least.
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how about this
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Amy Canary
I like opt 1 the best. The others look crowded with the closet protruding into the bathroom - lots of corners to navigate. The doors in opt 1 have better space to swing into the room without getting in the way of the vanity. Why don't you like opt 1?
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Jason Ver Planck
I do like option 1, I think because it is very similar to what is already there I'm looking for some change. Also I'm not particularly fond of entering right into a wall and that the entry jogs slightly into the bedroom.
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Classical Home Design, Inc. by Susan Berry
The least expensive option is to just switch out the existing tub for a shower. I don't know what your budget is, but each time you move a plumbing fixture, you are spending $$$$. You will have to remove the floor to rework all of the pipes. Is that something you want to do? None of the options make the bathroom larger. Spending money on some fabulous tile and a clear glass shower door where the tub is will make it feel larger. I would rather spend my money on more expensive finishes than on moving pipes. If you want a door, just cut a 45 angle from the right exterior toilet closet to the closet angle wall and add a door. You will save $1000's by not moving the plumbing.
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Amy Canary
The wall behind the bathroom entry door is a great place for a full length mirror. I'd also think about the impact on the closet. A larger footprint does not always mean more storage. Lastly a window in the closet is nice but limits storage.
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Geoffrey Anderson
Options 1 and 2: looks like you'll have to stand on the toilet seat to close the door.
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Amy Canary
Looks like opt 1 can have a pocket door.
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I m agree with option two as best option since you can make a better use of your layout and less expensive.
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There are probably a couple more options that would work better for this space.
One of my basic principles is to minimize the use of stud walls, as they reduce space. Many of the design proposals I've seen on these threads become warrens of little storage areas and walls. Every time you do that, you lose 4.5" of space.
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I like 1 as well. Pocket door is a great idea.
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