Countertop materials -- what to use?

tanyakubAugust 18, 2013
Our kitchen is going to be shaker style. The perimetre cabinets are cream and the island is wood. I love butcher block and it would add warmth to the perimetre. What about the island countertop though? I'm not sure how to keep a good flow with materials and colour. Any ideas? The floor will be hardwood too.
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Mega Builders
Where will you food preparation take place most of the time? I would recommend the butcher block for that area. In most cases, that would be the island and not the perimetre.
At any rate, pretty any other material will work with your proposed set up.
Good luck!
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We used engineered stone 20mm thick and it is fabulous. It does not stain or chip and can withstand heat as well. I wipe it down and dry it over with a microfibre cloth and it looks like new and doesn't trap any bacteria either. We have alabaster cabinets (off white) and chose Caesarstone in Creme Brûlée and it looks very nice. I'll attach a picture (taken before we finished painting). You are going to love that new kitchen...beautiful!
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I like the butcher block for your island. A white granite or quartz with subtle pattern of gray or taupe for the wall cabinets.
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CDR Design
With 2 different cabinet finishes, I feel that your kitchen needs some cohesiveness. I would use one countertop on both. Engineered stone is a good choice.

In a very large kitchen, several different applications work, but do not feel it will look good in your kitchen. You can add warmth with paint color.
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Thank you so much for your feedback, everyone. I hope that the elements of the kitchen can come together with cohesiveness, that is a great way to put things. I've browsed countless kitchen photos... it seems to be able to use two types of countertop, the cabinets probably have to be the same colour. Or if they are different, the counters have to be consistent on perimetre and island. I hope this makes sense. I like your idea, linlac, it could work; and thank you for sharing the photos and design details of your kitchen, cathieg.

Cdrdesign -- can you give me feedback again - if all the cabinets were the same colour could the butcher block work on the island with a different counter on the perimetre? Or should it stay as is with one choice of counter?
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@ Mega Builders- the food prep will be at the island most of the time. I think you are right about putting butcher block there (rather than at the perimetre). Thanks for the insightful feedback.
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I would use white marble for the island, which would be wonderful for rolling out dough, and quite in line with the cabinet style. I'd also use different stools, going for a Shaker, wooden look.
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CDR Design
Here is my thought process

-I think if the kitchen is extremely large, it can handle 2 different countertops and 2 different cabinet finishes. In your case, with your kitchen being large, it does not work (too many different materials in a small space).

I think even in the photo shown above left, the kitchen is too small for all of those different surfaces. It makes the kitchen appear smaller. The island dominates. (But......if you don't care about that and you like that look......I say go for it). I only point out what I see.

You already have a lot of wood in your kitchen and I would not use butcher block for that reason. Also, to me wood on a kitchen counter is not the best surface. It scratches, harbors bacteria and needs care like any other wood.

Conclusion: I would go with either solid surface (like Corian) or quartz. They are the easiest to care for in a kitchen. If you want to go with something different, you can go with the darker cabinet color in the island.

Notice how cathieg's kitchen is not that large, but the white shades make it seem larger. I love the bling she added with the backsplash.

Your kitchen can still have shaker elements, but with a contemporary twist. You can add Shaker-style chairs, add some beadboard to the sides of your cabinets.....look at some Shaker style kitchens and see what subtle elements you might add, without going butcher block.

Of course, it is your decision. I am just pointing out some ideas to think over.
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Thanks, I'm going to think through what you've shared with me.
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