Small yard with NO shrubs, plants to brighten my day.
Linda DoyleAugust 18, 2013
I live in a pasture with just a small area for a yard. (which is good). I like small! I need something to brighten my days. A warm inviting place to read. I LOVE potted flowering plants, although I will bring them inside during winter (no problem). The yard is just a bare square with nothing of comfort. Here is a picture of what I see in the pasture from my patio: see pic. It is silly, but even the animals want on the small patio! see second picture: as you can see my patio is about 10 X 14 feet.
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Linda Doyle
Even my donkeys & horse want on the patio! LOL
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And your open expanse of meadow is exactly what I am about to convert my six acres of specimen trees, shrub borders, meandering paths, hidden terraces, to! When I look at your space, I see FREEDOM, RELAXATION. Enjoy it!!
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Nancy Walton
Hi Linda, it's me again! I have two donkeys and a horse, too! We definitely need to connect outside of Houzz!
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Not sure if you want only container plants...but if you want an inviting area to read I'd recommend a couple of large pots planted with shrubs or small trees around the edges to make your area feel more cozy and then some smaller pots of bright, flowering perennials around them for color. If you can find plants native to your area, all the better! They'll bring in some living things: bees, birds, butterflies, etc. Lavender is a sure bet for a nice aromas and many types grow well in containers. Dwarf conifers and fruit trees can be used outside in the warm times then brought inside (temporarily) for holiday decoration. Japanese maples and some species of bamboos and large salvias grow well in large tubs too...Add a bench or comfy chair and table (and maybe an umbrella for shade) and ahhh! there's your reading spot. (and maybe a bale of hay for your visitors!)
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Linda Doyle
Why no shrubs? Weeds. I/'never had a problem with any weeds using pots. You are right large tubs will work too! thank You!
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I recommend buying a couple of patio chairs with ottomans (or rocking chairs) and a table between them. Add a shade umbrella if the patio is not covered. If you want to use it when the weather is cool, you can buy a propane heater like the ones restaurants use.

For large pots, some people like the look of large half-barrels. They are easy to plant and large enough to keep from drying out every day. Put them on castors to move easily. Also, very large pots made of synthetics that look like terracotta can be traditional looking choices.
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