Ugly house -- help
Carol Visser Zal
August 19, 2013 in Design Dilemma
What would you do to improve the curb appeal of this house?
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Emily Hurley
I think there is a lot you can do! TO me the issue seems to be that the front door is overpowered by the rest of the house and the area above it is a little naked. I think if you built out a little covering, it would give it more visual interest. Here are a couple photos of what I mean.

Exterior Painting
Williamsburg Colonial: Front Porch
Rustic Canyon New Home
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Oh, I think it is a kind of a lovely house - the trim and capitol around the entry door ought to be painted nearer to the black of the shutters - either black or a charcoal tone - sw homburg gray? . That will bring more attention there, and then i would paint the front door a bright color - Something historic and yellow like sw bees wax would be lovely.

Then, landscape - What if you cut a curvy planter bed on this side of the walk out of the lawn, and planted it with rows of low flowering shrubs fronted by some transplanted day lillies from the existing planter? Add higher shrubs with contrasting foliage to that planter where you now have rows of green - maybe abelia grandiflora that will get a bit taller planted in those rows, then a flowering groundcover shrub in the new curvy bed flanking the path. Take a can of high heat spray paint to the old lamp post to freshen its color / mask the glass before you spray.

You have an overhang above the door, and the area is narrow, but you could do a porch cover with an arch supported by wooden brackets back to the house - just think paint will solve that for you.
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The Color People
Your house is not bad at all. Start by finding two colors you like well for your house that are of, say, a value of say 6 and 4 on a 1 to 10 scale- 10 being darkest. They can be similar colors of let downs of the same color. Do the base, chimney and rise between the two sides in the darker and the two sides in the lighter. This will give you some interest without the expense of building anything it will have some presence and look handsome. The colors must go with your roof incidentally.
Next pick a shutter/Door color. Darker colors here will have more impact. Finally select an almost black color of a hue that works with either the body color or the shutter color and paint the metal railings and lamp post in this color. If you picked red for the shutters o you will clearly not want to use a deep value of that for the metal. But if you use red and your body colors are bluish- do a black blue, maybe even the same hue. Same for green, gray or what ever.
Some variety in your shrubs would be helpful and some work on the the landscaping also- but I am not a landscape guy so I can see what you need but not what to get.
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There's nothing wrong with this house. It's a classic. You might consider anchoring the house by painting the lower part a noticeably darker shade than the top. You could also use good quality stone cladding on the lower half. You need foundation plantings with deeper beds! Change the two lighting fixtures, something darker & simpler. The whole house done in a darker color with the contrasting black shutters would be pretty.

Draw up a sketch for landscaping. Then, execute over time.
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Mountain View Window & Door
Updating your windows can increase the curb appeal of your house tremendously. I have attached some pictures to give you an idea :)
August 20, 2013 at 9:27am   
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I think the pediment is a bit undersized for the door and is missing an entablature (beam) above the door. If you can find a carpenter who understands classical design, I would consider modifying the trim around the door, perhaps going with something more classic and square above the door, or building a modest canopy with brackets.

The relationship of the recessed entry with the stoop and the light fixtures would make a portico a bit awkward I think, and not really appropriate for a split entry raised ranch. It can be done, but it could be costly because then other things would have to be changed to make it look right.

I do think the white color is classic and makes it look more traditional, and de-emphasizes the upper floor projection. Other classic colors include tans, taupe, yellows and so forth. Darker tones are possible too, depending on the look you are going for. I wouldn't two-tone it unless you change the front entry quite a lot. And I definitely would not paint the trim around the door a dark color or in high contrast to the siding or stucco. That will just emphasize any awkwardness with the current design.
August 20, 2013 at 9:57am     
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August 20, 2013 at 10:40am   
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The house is actually quite attractive, However if it bothers you here a few simple and not very expensive suggestions that might work in addition to the suggestions above. The lower story windows on the left appear to have a piece of artwork between them - perhaps that could move to above the door and you might plant a weeping tree (which are generally short) between the 2 windows on the left. Or above the door add a window, full or half round, or even a fake window with the same shutters. You could do the half round out of wood even as a decorative piece. If you add some color to the porch that would also be eye catching - flowers, a small tree, art work, your choice. Also I wonder if having all the window treatments appear to be the same style from the outside is a change that you might like?
August 20, 2013 at 10:51am   
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