Need help with awkward exterior!!
August 20, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My husband and I recently purchased our home - the house has 2 side doors but no door visible from the street, giving it the look of a duplex. There are 2 large windows on the front of the home, but they are not centred and lack trim. Our current ideas are to trim out the windows in a contrasting white/dark trim, remove the 2 large trees, put in window boxes, add a gable roof over the current porch, and landscape. My question is mainly about the landscaping, although I would welcome any ideas on the exterior appearance of the home. We need help deciding what type of plants as well as height/groupings along the front of the house, especially between the 2 windows, in order to create a more balanced appearance. Any help is appreciated!! It is hard to tell in the photos, but the porch is on the right hand side of the home.
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First need to get rid of the current's hard to picture the house. The shape of the garden needs to draw the eye to the front entrance......right now it's a bit confusing (meaning in the picture). A picture taken from further back may give better perspective. I'm thinking some brick to line the side of the driveway - enhance the entrance of the house. Put a bit of curvature in the brick layout to take away from everything being so linear. Not sure where you live but most garden centers will given you a garden design for a reasonable price (>$50). All you would have to do is follow the plan - if you a 'do-it-yourself' type person.
August 20, 2013 at 6:23pm   
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Are the cement steps and garage what you consider the back of the house? Instead of removing the trees you could consider trimming up the bottom branches of the pine tree so that the windows can be seen. As for the yew on the corner of the house - is that hiding windows or obstructing views? There also appears to be a small crab apple type tree. And a flower bed under the right window but not under the left (or at least I can't see color on the left). Choices will then depend on what you trim, leave and remove. A small weeping tree between the 2 windows might be nice as would a trellis and vines. Some sort of pathway leading to the door you want your visitors to use would be helpful.
August 20, 2013 at 7:17pm   
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