Our living room needs help!
August 20, 2013 in Design Dilemma
So, our living room needs a little work. We have a couch and a couple of chairs, but the room is too big for our furniture. We have kids' stuff behind the couch but the room is really uninspired. Thoughts? Tips? Advice?
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Jennifer Lock
Hi! Great space, if you are looking to invest in new furniture pieces you might want to check out the collections that Bryght offers. I think a great sectional would really unify the space and make it more functional, while offering a lot of seating. I would also pair it with a square coffee table.

Here are a few of my suggestions

Happy Decorating!
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I think your furniture placement is a bit awkward. Try moving the couch directly in front of the fireplace with the ottoman in front of it. Then split up the mismatched chairs to be on either side of the fireplace on an angle facing the center of the room.

I would do some drapery panels on all the windows (and lose the swaggy thing on the big window). The rods for all the windows should be mounted at the same height - close to the ceiling on the big window and then follow suit for the two fireplace windows. Also, for the smaller windows mount the rods at least a foot or more past the window frames on the sides furthest from the fireplace to make the windows appear wider.

It's unfortunate that your carpet is such a weird shape - it would be nice to have the whole room in hardwood with a large area rug to anchor the room.

Hope that helps!
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Sorry about the toys, but I think the couch should be centered with that window. It just seems to need to move back there. Move the ottoman over with it. Angle the leather chair in front of the window to the right of the fire place. Put the floor lamp beside it, not behind it. Wonder if the large book shelf can move across the room, under the picture on the wall there. Trying to picture the other chair......maybe it can go to the left of the sofa for a grouping together and it should work with the carpet there, too. You may need a table between the couch and chair with a lamp on it.

You need bigger pieces on the mantle in that opening. Do you have a picture you could prop in there? One in the room right now fit there? Layer a few smaller things with it.
August 20, 2013 at 10:00pm      Thanked by aswiger22
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Thanks for posting such an organized and clean space!
You say the room is too big for the furniture, does that indicate you are looking to buy different furniture?
Personally, I am a big fan of symmetry and balance in a room. Some people might say it is/looks very predictable, but naturally your eye will always be looking for it.
Three observations:
At the moment your living room is squished to the right.
And your accessories are on the small and scattered side.
Your couch and chair ensemble are three different styles.
This is not necessarily an issue, but if you would purchase,,let's say two new chairs, I would be looking at two of the same ones.
I like your natural colour selection of your interior and your black framed art.
I would try to center your seating arrangement, so that your focal point of the fireplace will be in the middle. Put the kids corner where your little cabinet sits on the left of the big window, if that does not bother you. Try even switching the sofa around, so that the couch back faces the kitchen and the chairs flank the fireplace.
Fill the cubby above the fireplace with something substantial, to emphasize the focal point. Perhaps even with a large plant(fern?), or put a large piece of art over the opening.
If you put a plant in the opening you could do an assortment of black framed art on the right wall, approx the size of the opposite window. If you put art over the opening, I would enhance your natural feel with two taller plants on the side of, or even in front of the tall windows.
If possible, I would find a coffee table that is the same wood as your kitchen cabinets, that will create cohesion in an open concept living space.
If you need the reading lamp I would suggest a bigger shade, at the moment the proportions are too small.If you are keeping the seating, you can always buy a few of the same pillows or throws to connect the different styles.
Hope that gives you a few ideas...
Good luck!
August 20, 2013 at 10:54pm      Thanked by aswiger22
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Here a photo, this might not be your style, but you get the idea...
August 20, 2013 at 11:03pm   
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I think you could get away with putting a really big rug over the majority of that section where the wood cuts into the carpet, so that you could pull the furniture away from the hearth and space it out more.
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I concur with the others that the FP is the focal point. May I suggest you remove your existing decorations for repositioning ideas? If adding new furniture is not an option, here are some suggestions on how to better use the existing.

1. Can you try the art that is above the taupe armchair in the FP niche please?
2.The sofa needs to face the FP, ottoman in front of it. Place the dark armchair closer to FP angled in. Move the floor lamp closer as well.
3.Move the taupe armchair to the other side of the FP, again closer to the FP.
4. Move the tall cabinet that is beside the large LR window to the wall across that is now cleared of all furniture. Place some of the decorations previously from the FP niche on it but keep it minimal. Consider adding a round mirror over it....something small and decorative like this

5. Artwork. Hang the tall art that is currently on the tall cabinet in place of the art over your children's play kitchen. Move the art currently on that wall to the other side beside the floor lamp.
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sheryl N
Great space, but remove the carpet if possible, do you have wood under that? remove the pic on the left of the FP and remove the shag curtain. Then paint or wall paper the wall that the fireplace is on. Do you want to add a mantle? Then furtniture, a sectional would be fantastic here, you have an ottoman, you can use that as a coffee table, have a piece of glass cut to fit it it will look good. Or, you could buy another sofa to match the dark brown sofa that you have, put them opposite each other and put 2 chairs between them opposite the fp. after that begin looking at shades for your windows. Bamboo would look nice. Good luck ;-)
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Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! We are actually open to revamping the entire space (we don't like the hole above the fireplace and would consider adding a mantle and even a hearth if possible). Any ideas for storage units? We don't have a TV that needs to go in the space but would like to have a place to hide kids toys (though keep them accessible), games, etc. Thanks again!
August 21, 2013 at 11:46am   
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If your floors are all hardwood, the room wouldn't look so off balance.
August 21, 2013 at 12:00pm   
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