Need help connecting two structures (house and garage).
lisazajacAugust 21, 2013
I bought a beach house and the garage and house are disconnected with a 81" space between. What could I do to make the two look like one structure?
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Do you have pictures you could post? Might depend on if the structures are similar in design and height and if there is a nice view. You could make a breezeway - enclosed or not depending on the width. You could put a ceiling fan up on the ceiling of the new roof and add furniture if the view is good. Breezeways may be old fashioned - they connected a house and garage with a roof and solid flooring and sometimes walls and were often unheated and only used during the summer. If they aren't open, breezeways are generally full of windows. I suppose if they are open they might just be called a porch as they tend to be long and narrow - but that depends on your house and garage footprint. Would love to see pictures.
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I've attached an image. Thank you for you help.
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OH - that is much different than I imagined from your written description. Hopefully someone from construction will pop in with advice and comments. One easy visual fix that is simple, cheap and quick is to erect a fence at the front corners of the house and garage and paint it the same color so it looks like a solid wall. If you gated it you would have a hidden storage area and access to the house side as needed. Some of the pretty plantings could be moved to other areas.
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Great suggestion. Thank you
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Fred S
One reason the house and garage may be separate is that the house is on a foundation and the garage is on a monolithic slab. Unless both footings go below the frost line, it is generally not ok to connect them. Explain this to your building department and they will give you their explaination of the code. A fence and pergola that is detached from both structures would be fine.
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I'm looking at Arbors and Pergola's now. Thank you so much for this great insight.
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