Accountant Needs Help with Accessories
August 22, 2013
Please help! I have very little creative juices but I really like these chairs I just picked up from TJ Maxx. My husband and I refinished our hardwood floors ourselves last month and are buying new furniture. Please help me with window treatment and accessories for our living room. We are open to paint colors, lighting, etc. The chair legs are black and the design is a grayish black and beige. Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions!
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Well, this is where I'm going with your chairs, but so much depends on your sofa color, the look you want, etc. I'm glad you described the pattern color on the chairs because they appeared greenish to me on my screen. So where I'm going with the rug and panels is a look that could be trad or modern, bringing in some greyish-blue that will (hopefully) work with your gorgeous chairs. It appears that you have a blue wall in the background there, so that's why I went there with the colors. You could make the black chair legs part of the decor by bringing in 1 or 2 items that are black also - it could be a coffee table, the frame on some artwork, or perhaps you have a FP in the room that has a black surround. Tell us more about your color and style preferences. And you do have style - you just don't know it yet!
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Thank you so much! I was thinking about painting the walls in the living room taos taupe by Benjamin Moore...haven't quite nailed down a color for the dining room. We were going to refinish the stairs but have decided to paint the banisters and top part of the stairs either ebony or espresso and the front of the stair along with the trim muslin or something similar by Benjamin Moore. I tend to like rich colors like chocolate (which is what my current sofa is...but would like to get a new one), burnt orange, all warm/fall colors which is why I feel lost with these chairs. Ordinarily, I would not have chosen them but they chose me and I'm happy we met...Would the taupe make the room too dark?
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Greige may help you out!
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The chairs are a great start. Lots of character. I'm sure you do have an eye and you do have a creative urge or you wouldn't be on Houzz!

One place to get ideas is in....your clothes closet! Pull out your favorite garments and have a look at colors and styles. Often those are the proper inspiration for your house.
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McFeely Window Fashions
Love the chairs! Perhaps you could hang a neutral pinch pleat panel (in either beige or gray) and repeat the geometric print of the chairs on the leading edge of the panels. It would unify the space without having too many prints competing.
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So you won't be wanting the blue - damn! It's always a favourite of mine, so I feel like I'm decorating my house all over again when I suggest it. Anyway, you should probably buy that sofa before you paint walls or buy curtains because it will be much easier to find those items. There are probably a billion different taupe/ brown wall colors out there, so it would be easy to match the walls to the sofa, rather than the other way around. P,ease post a picture of the sofa once you get it, or if you have it off a website post it now.
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Floor to ceiling
color base should be 60% off set color should be 30% and the acst color be 10% so is the gray one of these in your area?
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Lydia (Kazza Design)
A few suggestions for drapery fabric:
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Andrea, I thought about your post off and on all day. Was a little stumped for awhile because of the warm autumn colors you like, and had to switch gears from my own favourite palettes. So here's what I came up with: first color is Benjamin Moore's Pashmina, which is similar to your Taos Taupe. What bothered me about Taos Taupe is that I have seen it on an exterior and it was rather muddy and had a pinkish tone, although exteriors are tricky and it might look fine in your home. But maybe compare these two, and any other similar colors, so you can get a sense of their underlying tones. Second color is Graphite, also BM. Just using it as a reference because we want to pick up the black of the chair legs and use more of it (btw, I love your idea of painting your railings black or charcoal - it will look gorgeous!). Anyway, third pic is a DR painted in Masada on top and Citrine below. Back hall color (that blue-green) is Flora. You could use one or all of these colors in your space, along with the taupe you choose, or just use the Masada in your DR and the taupe in LR and other spaces. I have had many different bright colors in my DR over the years and have loved them all. A DR is a happy place where people enjoy good food and each other's company, so I like the idea of a happy color in a DR. The 4th pic is a rug, just to get you started on accessorize ng. It looks like it would work with your chairs. I would buy a sofa in a light linen, modern or transitional. Check out Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn and of course there are many others offering linen sofas. For drapes, I would do silk side panels in a neutral color, but darker than the color of your sofa, and whatever blinds will work best in your space. More pics to come on my next post...
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More ideas using Masada and Pashmina. One more rug that could work for you. The rugs are from Shaw Flooring, btw. Am I on the right track? Do you have a style preference such as modern, trad, etc.?
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Wow! I am so impressed and grateful for all of the ideas!!! I really wish I could leave work right now and start shopping! Wow!!! Thank you so much to everyone for your imput! Karenmore55, you are absolutely right, the taos taupe does have a pinkish undertone. I actually realized that after I posted the pic on here and was looking at it! It's amazing how fast you picked that up and I had been looking at that color for a couple of weeks and it took me that long to see it. I actually really love all of your pics posted above. It's a great blend of the chairs and the warm/fall colors that I absolutely love! Lydia, I love your fabric selections for drapes...the one on the top, right really stands out to me. Thanks for the idealbook: Greige, decoenthusiaste! I'm going to check it out! Thanks everyone, again, for all of your ideas! You guys are AWESOME!!!!
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Lydia (Kazza Design)
That's the one I thought would be best also. Hope to see some after pics.....have fun shopping!
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