Is this normal for a contractor?

747.2fraAugust 23, 2013
We are DIYers and have a lot of experience remodeling including special orders. However, we don't have a lot of experience working with contractors. We decided to contract out window replacement because it seemed like it would be faster to have a contractor and crew do the work.

We found a contractor based on recommendations of people we trust. But right now I'm not impressed. But maybe it's just normal contractor behavior?!?

We excepted the bid on July 9th and were told it would be 2-3 weeks until the windows arrived and since we would be a quick job he would be able to have his crew in almost immediately. Three weeks later we were informed there was a delay on the windows and it would be another 2-3 weeks. Yesterday we were told the windows weren't on the truck and even if they do come in soon it will be late September until he will install.

Are these delays normal? We asked for explanation both times and were told "I don't know, that's how it goes." And now there's not even an estimate of windows will be in town.

We asked for a reduction on the bid because we had verbally (lack of experience! Next time writing!) said that the project needed to be done before Aug 31st. He said he didn't want to ask his supplier for a discount because he does a lot of work through them. In our experience our suppliers bend over backwards to make high volume customers happy so it seems a discount would be easy to obtain. Thoughts?
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in my experience, a contractor worth their salt will give you everything in writing up front. this person may be trustworthy, but I would find out what the delay is if possible. Are these windows special order?
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Thank you. Yes windows are special order.
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I meant to say I can understand about not wanting to ask for the discount, they do have relationships with their suppliers and it's a delicate thing sometimes but not always. It may be that the delay was unavoidable for some reason. I had special order windows for my house and one was accidentally broken during installation. I did not have to pay for replacement. I was not even told about it until much later because they didn't want me to be stressed out :)
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Thank you.
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Quick question...are you being told about the delays or are you having to contact the contractor to get updates?
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My hubby is one and it is his job to make things happen but if the windows were not on the truck then the window place most likely boo boo'd and then his schedule got screwed up! Cut him some slack I'm sure he's more stressed out than you ;) mine would be ;)
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When we signed and 3 weeks ago we were told we would be 1st priority when they arrived. Now we are told no matter what it is weeks out. Why were we demoted now that our project is WAY overdue? This delay will cost us at least $300 in lost wages.

We were informed via an email "windows not on truck." Then we called and played phone tag and were told no additional details available.
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Oh ok that is odd that he didn't go into detail about it :( but unfortunately these things do happen, you have to understand that a contractors schedule is his biggest headache! But he should have held your hand through it a bit more ;)
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Are you 3 weeks out because the windows aren't in? I think my hubby would have figured something out somehow to get your job done as soon as the windows were in..but he might not have the man power..
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At this point it doesn't matter when the windows arrive he said it will be at the soonest Sept 23rd before install.

Guess I'm really glad we can DIY. Just wish we hadn't been in a hurry to get this done. Could have done this ourselves by now.
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Well than u just got a crappy screw up. We've had lumber yards screw up orders that's completely messed up schedules. It happens :) even if u have wonderful ppl working for u the darn commercial places still hire kids who don't really care about your house! Can't really avoid those types of mix ups. Good luck :)
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