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butlerbrAugust 23, 2013
I have an unfinished basement. I want to know the feasibility of extending the basement out of one outer wall and putting in a swimming pool partially in the existing space and extending out. all would be inclosed. It would be on the south east corner of the home and we want to utilize as much winter sun as possible. We have a septic system and the tank is only about 10 feet from the house,can that be moved?
If it is possible, where would I start in having it designed and estimated?
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AD Panaccio Building and Renovating Inc.
Sounds like an extremely expensive project, and over 70 thousand dollars. If those kid of numbers don't phase you I would start with general contractors to ball park the project and see where you are likely to be cost wise before you hire an architect.
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
Wow. Ambitious! :-D

You need an Architect, and ideally one with indoor pool experience AND residential experience and the engineers to back it up. Failing that get a good residential one with the willingness to admit they don't know the first thing about indoor pools, but know a good consultant to work with.

There are SO many issues involved beyond a septic tank location (it's your septic field that you need to be more worried about) that any direct design advice you get here will be, in my opinion either not informed, mis-informed or else wholly insufficient by simple virtue of the complexity of the issues involved and the limitations of this medium.

If you are in the Los Angeles area (sounds like not given you refer to "winter" lol!) we'd be happy to discuss it with you, otherwise you can use the Houzz "Find Local Pros" feature here to find one. Your local site should have resources as well.
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
@AD Panaccio General Contractors Inc: A Contractor's eyeball reaction for pricing is certainly worth getting, but even as a GC, I will say I think the project is so complex and specialized, that a GC's POV alone is insufficient unless they've done something like this before.

There's home structure, soils engineering, pool design, pool mechanical design, home mechanical engineering, indoor humidity mitigation engineering and building envelope science even before you get to code compliance, planning compliance and aesthetic design ... Your average GCs I've worked with would be out of their league on this. They may jump right in and pretend to know what it would cost, but they'd be way off because they'd probably not consider the specialized engineering issues that come into play and may cause extensive costs beyond the pool & structure itself.

An Architect could identify those issues within a few hours work enough to be able to better inform any GC or specialty contractor that then is brought in to ball-park costs.
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
And I don't like to ball-park, but I'm thinking this thing is going to be way beyond $70K.
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Ok so it sounds like an architect would be a good place to start! I will check with the city to see what roadblocks we may hit in that direction as well.
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Main Line Kitchen Design
Yes I agree, above 70K so if 70K is too much don't waste any money investigating, but if that's OK head to an architect that has some pool experience. I'm thinking 120K plus. I'm a kitchen designer though, so I'm a little out of my element.
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Don't do it!
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Revolutionary Gardens
Walking it back a step, what are you looking to achieve with the basement pool? Are you looking for a full-on entertaining and play area? Or are you looking for an exercise pool? (I'm going to assume that if you were looking for a subterranean shark pool like a Bond villain, your henchmen would already be digging it). If you're looking for an exercise pool, one by Endless Pool (or a similar manufacturer) would be a much smaller footprint and much easier to integrate. Only you know what you're comfortable spending, but I can see this as a six figure build-out, no question. I'm on board with the recommendation to start with an architect!
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Ironwood Builders
I've done the indoor pool upgrade as a retrofit of an existing pool...and yes, just dealing with the moisture is very expensive. We put in exhaust fans on humidistat switches and an automatic pool cover...This was in Indiana, so the weather differential was huge....15 below outside and 80 deg. water? Instant fog when the cover came off. Fascinating idea...cutting through the foundation with a pool...structurally challenging. Just remember, anything can be done for the right amount of money...just how much money is reasonable for your area, for return on investment, for enjoyment in the now...all your call. I do think, as an extension of ReSquare's comments, that a team approach to the project would be beneficial. Engineer to make it hold water and stand up, architect to bring design and aesthetic, with GC to bring real world experience and problem solving with an eye on the budget. Some can wear more than one hat, like ReSquare as architect/GC...but this project is going to need a lot of hats with a lot of brains under those hats.
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Endless Pools
Hi there, if you are still considering basement pool options, I would encourage you to check out our Original Endless Pool, as Revolutionary Gardens mentioned. As a modular unit, you can bring all components easily indoors for installation. You can learn more at our website and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!
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